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Advantest R5372  10MHz-18GHz Microwave Counter
Advantest R5373  10MHz-27GHz Microwave Counter
Advantest TR5213  10MHz-26GHz Microwave Frequency Counter
Advantest TR5823H  1.3GHz Frequency Counter
Aeroflex 2437  100MHz Counter Timer
Aeroflex 2442  26.5GHz Microwave Counter
Aeroflex CPM20  20GHz Counter/Power Meter
Aeroflex CPM46  46GHz Counter Power Meter
Agilent / HP 10760A  Counter card for 5501A system electron-...
Agilent / HP 10852A  Rack Mount Kit for two 5382A or 5383A co...
Agilent / HP 10853A  Rack Mount Kit for one 5300 - 5312 serie...
Agilent / HP 10854A  Rack Mount Kit for two 5300 - 5312 serie...
Agilent / HP 10855A  1300 MHz Pre-Amp. Used with frequency co...
Agilent / HP 1965A  100MHz Gated Universal Counter expansion...
Agilent / HP 44645A  Universal counter (5335A) rack mount- ed...
Agilent / HP 44646A  100 MHZ universal counter (5334A) rack...
Agilent / HP 44646B  100 MHz universal counter (5334B) rack...
Agilent / HP 44715A  5-Channel Counter/Totalizer with both is...
Agilent / HP 53131A  53131A Universal Frequency Counter, Two...
Agilent / HP 53131A/001  DC-225MHz 10 Digit Universal Counter
Agilent / HP 53131A/010  DC-225MHz 10 Digit Universal Counter
Agilent / HP 53131A/010/030  53131A Universal Frequency Counter, Two...
Agilent / HP 53131A/030  53131A Universal Frequency Counter, Two...
Agilent / HP 53132A  $1,000 225 MHz or 3.0GHz, 5.0GHz or 12.4GHz 12...
Agilent / HP 53132A/010/030  Universal Frequency Counter w/ 010, 030...
Agilent / HP 53132A/010/050  5GHz 12 Digit Frequency Counter
Agilent / HP 53132A/10/124  Universal Frequency Counter w/ 010, 124...
Agilent / HP 53147A  $1,895 20GHz Microwave Counter/Power Meter/DVM
Agilent / HP 53148A  26.5GHz Microwave Counter/Power Meter/DV...
Agilent / HP 53149A  Microwave Counter / Power Meter / DVM...
Agilent / HP 5314A  100 MHz Universal Counter, 25 mV rms Sen...
Agilent / HP 53150A  20GHz CW Microwave Frequency Counter
Agilent / HP 53151A  26.5 CW Microwave Frequency Counter
Agilent / HP 53152A  46GHz CW Microwave Frequency Counter
Agilent / HP 53152A/001  46GHz Microwave Counter
Agilent / HP 5315A  100 MHz Universal Counter, 10 mV rms Sen...
Agilent / HP 5315B  100MHz Frequency Counter
Agilent / HP 5316A  100MHz HPIB Universal Counter
Agilent / HP 5316B  100MHz Universal Counter
Agilent / HP 53181A  10 digit/sec RF Frequency Counter
Agilent / HP 5328A  100MHz Universal Counter
Agilent / HP 5328B  100MHz Frequency Counter
Agilent / HP 53310A  $500 Modulation Domain Analyzer
Agilent / HP 5334A  100 MHz / 2 ns Reciprocal Counter, 9 dig...
Agilent / HP 5334B  100 MHz Universal Counter; 9 digits per...
Agilent / HP 5335A  100 MHz or 200 MHz Universal Counter
Agilent / HP 5340A  18 GHz Microwave Frequency Counter
Agilent / HP 5342A  18GHz Frequency Counter
Agilent / HP 5343A  26.5 GHz Microwave Frequency Counter.
Agilent / HP 5345A  500MHz Frequency Counter
Agilent / HP 5347A  $450 20GHz Microwave Counter/Power Meter
Agilent / HP 5348A  $750 20GHz Microwave Counter/Power Meter
Agilent / HP 5350A  20GHz Microwave Counter
Agilent / HP 5350B  $775 20GHz CW Microwave Counter
Agilent / HP 5351A  26GHz Microwave Counter
Agilent / HP 5351B  $800 26.5GHz CW Microwave Counter
Agilent / HP 5352A  40GHz Microwave Frequency Counter
Agilent / HP 5352B  40 GHz CW Microwave Counter
Agilent / HP 5352B/005/010  46GHz Frequency Counter
Agilent / HP 5355A  1.5GHz Pulse-CW Frequency Counter Module...
Agilent / HP 5356A  18 GHz Frequency Converter
Agilent / HP 5361A  20 GHz Pulse/CW Microwave Counter. CW me...
Agilent / HP 5361B  5361B Pulse/CW Microwave Counter, 40 GHz
Agilent / HP 5361B/010  Pulse / CW Microwave Counter, 40 GHz
Agilent / HP 5361B/026  5361B Pulse/CW Microwave Counter, 40 GHz
Agilent / HP 5363B  Time Interval Probes. Wide dynamic range...
Agilent / HP 5370A  100MHz Universal Time Interval Counter
Agilent / HP 5370B  Universal Time Interval Counter, single...
Agilent / HP 5372A  500MHz Frequency/Time Interval Analyzer
Agilent / HP 5381A  80 MHz Frequency Counter. 7-digits/ 25...
Agilent / HP 5382A  225 MHz Frequency Counter. 8-digits/ 25...
Agilent / HP 5383A  520 MHz Frequency Counter. 9-digits/ 25...
Agilent / HP 5384A  225MHz Frequency Counter
Agilent / HP 5385A  1GHz Frequency Counter
Agilent / HP 5386A  3GHz Frequency Counter
Agilent / HP 54002A  50 Ohm Pod
Agilent / HP 54003A  1 Mohm Pod
Agilent / HP 69435A  Pulse counter card, 12-bit up and down...
Agilent / HP 69774A  Universal counter card provides a fully...
Agilent / HP 69775A  Counter/Totalizer card, counts contact...
Agilent / HP 70120A  Universal counter module 3-channels: 100...
Agilent / HP E1332A  4-Channel Counter/Totalizer Totalize, up...
Agilent / HP E1333A  3-Channel Universal Counter Frequency...
Agilent / HP E1420B  2GHz VXI Frequency Counter
Agilent / HP E1740A  $250 80MHz VXI Time Interval Analyzer
Anritsu MF2412B  20GHz Microwave Frequency Counter
Anritsu MF2413B  27GHz Microwave Frequency Counter
Anritsu MF2414B  40GHz Microwave Frequency Counter
Anritsu MF76A  MF76A 2-Channel Microwave Frequency Coun...
EIP 25B  Microwave Counter
EIP 28B  26.5GHz Frequency Counter
EIP 535B  20GHz Microwave Frequency Counter
EIP 538B  26.5GHz Frequency Counter
EIP 545  10Hz-18GHz Frequency Counter
EIP 545A  10Hz-18GHz Frequency Counter
EIP 548/01  26 GHz Frequency Counter
EIP 548A  26.5GHz Counter
EIP 548B  26.5GHz Counter
EIP 575  10Hz-18GHz Frequency Counter
EIP 575B  Microwave Frequency Counter
EIP 578  26GHz Microwave Source Locking Counter
EIP 578B  26GHz Microwave Source Locking Counter
EIP 585  0.95-20GHz Pulse/CW Counter
EIP 588  26.5GHz Carrier Wave/Pulse Counter
EIP 588B  40GHz CW & Pulse Counter
Fluke 164H  1.3GHz Hand-held Multifunction Counter
Fluke 164T  1.3GHz Hand Held Multifunction Counter
Fluke 1910A  125MHz Frequency Counter
Fluke 1911A  250MHz Frequency Counter
Fluke 1912A  520MHz Frequency Counter
Fluke 1953A  125MHz Frequency Counter
Fluke 7220A  1.3GHz Frequency Counter
Fluke 7250A  80MHz Frequency Counter
Fluke 7260A  125MHz Frequency Counter
Fluke 7261A  125MHz Frequency Counter
Fluke PM6681  225MHz Programmable Counter Timer
Fluke PM6685  $650 300MHz Frequency Counter
Fluke PM6685A  300MHz Rubidium Counter/timer
FrueTime XL-AK  TrueTime GPS Time & Frequency Receiver...
Gould TC311  Counter/Timer
Instek GFC-8010H  120mhz Digital Frequency Counter
Instek GFC-8131H  1.3 Ghz Digital Frequency Counter
Instek GFC-8270H  2.7Ghz Digital Frequency Counter
Keithley 776  225MHz Frequency Counter Timer
National PXI-6602  8-Channel Counter/Timer with Digital I/O...
Philips PM6652C  120MHz Frequency Counter Timer
Philips PM6654C  120MHz Frequency Counter Timer
Philips PM6662  120MHz Frequency Counter Timer
Philips PM6665  120MHz Frequency Counter/timer
Philips PM6669  120MHz Frequency Counter
Philips PM6670  120MHz Frequency Counter/Timer
Philips PM6671  120MHz Frequency CounterTimer
Philips PM6672  1GHz Frequency Counter/Timer
Philips PM6673  120MHz Frequency Counter/Timer
Philips PM6674  550MHz Frequency Counter/Timer
Philips PM6675  600MHz Frequency Counter/Timerr
Philips PM6676  1.5GHz Frequency Counter/Timer
Philips PM6677  2.3GHz Frequency Counter/Timer
Racal 1990  100MHz Frequency Counter
Racal 1991  160MHz Frequency Counter
Racal 1991/55  160MHz Frequency Counter
Racal 1992  1.3GHz Frequency Counter
Racal 1992/55  1.3GHz Frequency Counter
Racal 1995  200MHz Universal Counter
Racal 1998  1.3GHz Frequency Counter
Racal 1999  2.6GHz Frequency Counter
Racal 2101  20GHz Microwave Frequency Counter
Racal 2151  VXI 20GHz Microwave Counter
Racal 9901  50MHz Universal Counter Timer
Racal 9902A  Frequency Counter
Racal 9903  50MHz Frequency Counter Timer
Racal 9906  200MHz Frequency Counter
Racal 9917  560MHz Frequency Counter
Racal 9917A/04A  560MHz Frequency Counter
Racal 9921  10Hz-3GHz Frequency Counter
Tektronix 73A541  Universal Counter (sub-hertz To 10MHz)
Tektronix CMC251  1.3GHz Multifunction Counter
Thandar TF830  1.3GHz Universal Counter