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Acterna 107A  Hand-held T-Carrier Analyzer
Acterna 10G  STM64 SDH Analyzer/1310/1550nm
Acterna 147  Hand-held E1 Analyzer
Acterna 2207  DS-1 Test Set
Acterna 2209  DS1/DS3 Test Set
Acterna 2230  $195 Transmission Test Set
Acterna 2310  Communications Test Set
Acterna 2310-CASE  Transit Case
Acterna 2802  Gigabit Ethernet Test Set
Acterna 30678  DDS Interface
Acterna 307  DS3 Handheld Test Set
Acterna 30761  Siemens 3-Pin to Bantam Plug Cable
Acterna 310  Communications Analyzer
Acterna 310-1  DS-0/DS-1 Lid Option for 310
Acterna 310-P7S  OC-48 SONET Analyzer
Acterna 31812  E3 Module for FB6000
Acterna 40202  V.35/306 DTE/DCE Module for FB6000
Acterna 40204  Lab Interface for FB6000
Acterna 40460  DS1/T1/D4/ESF Data Interface for FB6000
Acterna 40540  DS1/T1/D4/ESF/SLC-96 for FB6000
Acterna 41084  Repeater Power Supply
Acterna 41131  DDS-Local Loop Interface for FB6000
Acterna 41131B  DDS Local Loop Interface for FB6000
Acterna 41400  $695 RS-449/MIL Data Interface for FB6000
Acterna 41440A  $75 T-1/Fractional T-1 Interface for FB6000
Acterna 41754  T1 Repeater Extender Card for T209OSP
Acterna 41800  CCITT 2.048M/Nx64 Module for FB6000
Acterna 41945  DS3 Interface for FB6000
Acterna 42219  HSSI Interface for FB6000
Acterna 42219A  HSSI Interface for FB6000
Acterna 42522  V.35/RS449/X.21 DCE-DTE Interface for FB...
Acterna 43440  $150 DS3/DS1 ATM Interface for FB6000
Acterna 6000+OPTS  Fireberd 6000 Communcations Analyzer wit...
Acterna 6000+OPTS1  Fireberd 6000 Communcations Analyzer wit...
Acterna 6000+OPTS2  Fireberd 6000 Communcations Analyzer wit...
Acterna 6000+OPTS3  Fireberd 6000 Communcations Analyzer wit...
Acterna 6000+OPTS4  Fireberd 6000 Communcations Analyzer wit...
Acterna 6000+OPTS5  Fireberd 6000 Communcations Analyzer wit...
Acterna 6000+OPTS6  Fireberd 6000 Communcations Analyzer wit...
Acterna 6000A  Fireberd 6000A Portable Communications...
Acterna 6000A+OPTS  Fireberd 6000A Portable Communications...
Acterna 6000A+OPTS1  Fireberd 6000A Portable Communications...
Acterna 6000A+OPTS2  Fireberd 6000A Portable Communications...
Acterna 6000A+OPTS3  Fireberd 6000A Portable Communications...
Acterna 6000A+OPTS4  Fireberd 6000A Portable Communications...
Acterna 6000A+OPTS5  Fireberd 6000A Portable Communications...
Acterna 6000A+OPTS6  Fireberd 6000A Portable Communications...
Acterna 6000A+OPTS7  Fireberd 6000A Portable Communications...
Acterna 6000A+OPTS8  Fireberd 6000A Portable Communications...
Acterna 6005  $175 IEEE-488 Interface for FB6000
Acterna 9316/90.19  LX Interface for DA-380
Acterna 9316/90.20  Multimode Interface for DA-380
Acterna ANT-10G  SONET/SDH Test Set
Acterna ANT-20E  Advanced Network Tester
Acterna ANT-20SE  SONET/SDH test set
Acterna ANT-5  ANT-5 SDH Access Tester, All interfaces...
Acterna CABLES-FO  Fiberoptic Cable Kit
Acterna CB-10615  Bantam to Bantam Cable
Acterna CB-40601  RJ-48C to Dual Bantam Cable
Acterna CB-41645  Dual Bantam to RJ-48 Cable
Acterna DA-380  DominoGB (Gigabit) Internetwork Analyzer
Acterna ONT-50  Optical Network Tester
Acterna PF-45  DS1 / DS3 Analyzer
Acterna PR-40A  Thermal Graphics Printer with Carrying...
Acterna PR-40B  Compact Printer
Acterna T-BERD-209A  DS1 Test Set
Acterna T-BERD-211  T-Carrier Analyzer w/Jitter Analysis
Acterna T-BERD-224  DS1 Test Set w/T1 BERT
Acterna T209OSP  Ruggedized T1/FT1 Test Set w/HDSL
Acterna T209OSP-9  ISDN/DDS Lid for 209OSP
Acterna TIMS-45  Replacement Cover for 6000A
Acterna TPI-82  DDS Test Set
Acterna TTC2207  Combined with DS1, DS3, ISDN and GSM fea...
Acterna TTC310+OPTS1  T-BERD TTC 310 Portable Communications...
Acterna TTC310+OPTS2  T-BERD TTC 310 Portable Communications...
Acterna TTC310+OPTS3  T-BERD TTC 310 Portable Communications...
Acterna TTC310+OPTS4  T-BERD TTC 310 Portable Communications...
Adtech SX12  Data Link Simulator
Adtech SX13  Data Link Simulator
Adtran TSU-600E  Telecommunications Multiplexer, Modular...
Advantest D3186  12 Gb/s Pattern Generator
Advantest D3286  12 Gb/s Error Detector
Advantest D3371-2V  3.6 Gb/s BERT
Advantest D3371-3V  3.6 Gb/s BERT
Aeroflex 2828B  Digital Simulator
Aeroflex 2829  Digital Analyzer
Aeroflex 2830A  Multiplex Tester
Aeroflex 2831-CH  Access Switch
Aeroflex 2840A  2MB Handheld Transmission Analyzer
Aeroflex 2841  2mb Handheld Transmission Analyzer
Aeroflex 2850  2MB Bert Tester
Aeroflex 2850A  Data Analyzer
Aeroflex 2850BS  Data Analyzer
Aeroflex 2851  2MBps Bert Tester
Aeroflex 2851S  Digital Analyzer
Aeroflex 2852  2/8/34m Transmission Analyzer
Aeroflex 2854S  140mb/s Data Analyzer
Aeroflex 2855S  140MBps Digital Communications Analyzer
Aeroflex 2871  Communications Analyzer
Agilent / HP 2225A  HPIB Thinkjet Printer
Agilent / HP 2225D  RS-232C Thinkjet Printer
Agilent / HP 3586A  Selective Level Meter
Agilent / HP 3586B  Selective Level Meter
Agilent / HP 3586C  Selective Level Meter
Agilent / HP 3762A  Data Generator
Agilent / HP 3763A  Data Error Detector
Agilent / HP 3764A  PDH 139MB/s Transmission Analyzer
Agilent / HP 37704A  SONET Test Set
Agilent / HP 37717A  PDH/SDH Analyzer
Agilent / HP 37717B  PDH/SDH Analyzer
Agilent / HP 37718A  $1,250 OC-48 Communication Analyzer
Agilent / HP 37718A+OPTS  Omniber 718 with the Following Options:...
Agilent / HP 37718B  OC-12 Communication Analyzer
Agilent / HP 37719A  OC-48 Communication Analyzer
Agilent / HP 37719B  OC-12 Communication Analyzer
Agilent / HP 37721A  Digital Transmission Analyzer
Agilent / HP 37722A  Telecom analyzer Framed/unframed BER mea...
Agilent / HP 37724A  Portable SDH/PDH Analyzer
Agilent / HP 37732A  50Bps-2MBps Telecom/Datacom Analyzer
Agilent / HP 37742A  2MBps Test Set
Agilent / HP 3776A  PCM Terminal Test Set (CCITT Standard)
Agilent / HP 3776B  PCM Terminal Test Set (Bell Standard)
Agilent / HP 37772A  STM-1 Optical Interface For HP 37724A
Agilent / HP 37776A  Optical Interface For HP 37724A
Agilent / HP 3780A  Pattern Generator/error Detector
Agilent / HP 3784A  Digital Transmission Analyzer
Agilent / HP 3785A  Cept PCM/TDM Jitter Generator/Receiver
Agilent / HP 3785B  Bell PCM/TDM Jitter Generator/Receiver
Agilent / HP 3788A  2mb/s Error Performance Analyzer
Agilent / HP 37900C  Signalling Test Set
Agilent / HP 37900D  Signalling Test Set
Agilent / HP 37900D/002/003/042  Signalling Test Set
Agilent / HP 37916A  1.544mb/s Interface Card For HP37900D
Agilent / HP 4925A  Bit Error Rate Tester
Agilent / HP 4925B  Bit Error Rate Test Set
Agilent / HP 4934A  TIMS Test Set
Agilent / HP 4936A  TIMS Test Set
Agilent / HP 4945A  Transmission Impairment Measuring Set
Agilent / HP 4948A  In-service Transmission Impairment Test...
Agilent / HP 70841B  3 GB/s Pattern Generator Module
Agilent / HP 70843B  12.5GB/s Error Performance Analyzer
Agilent / HP 71603B  3GB/s Error Performance Analyzer
Agilent / HP 71604B  3GB/s Pattern Generator
Agilent / HP 71612B  12 Gb/s Error Performance Analyzer
Agilent / HP 83487A  Dual Rate Optical Electrical Plug-In
Agilent / HP 86130A  3.6 Gb/s Bit Error Rate Test Set
Agilent / HP E1695A  45MB/s Ds3 Interface
Agilent / HP E4200B  ATM/b-ISDN Mainframe
Agilent / HP E4206A  T1/e1 Frame Processor
Agilent / HP E4480A  Cerjac 156MTS SONET Test Set w/ATM
Agilent / HP E4991A  RF Impedance/Material Analyzer, 1 MHz to...
Agilent / HP E7580A  2MB/s Bit Error Rate Tester
Agilent / HP E7893B  Rackmount Controller
Agilent / HP E7900A  Routertester 900 4-Slot Chassis
Agilent / HP E7906A  Ethernet Routing Test Card
Agilent / HP E7907A  2-Port OC-3c/OC-12c ATM/POS Routing Test...
Agilent / HP E7919B  2-port Gigabit Ethernet XS Test Card
Agilent / HP E7922B  4-port 10/100 Ethernet XS Test Card
Agilent / HP J1981A  Voice Quality Tester
Agilent / HP J1981B  Voice Quality Tester
Agilent / HP J1996A  VQT Phone Interface
Agilent / HP J2127A  OC-192 SONET/SDH Test Set
Agilent / HP J2173A  FDDI Module For J2219A
Agilent / HP J2296B  E1 Interface
Agilent / HP J2298D  E1/T1 Module
Agilent / HP J2299B  T1 Interface - RJ-45
Agilent / HP J2300C  Internet Advisor Protocol Analyzer
Agilent / HP J2300D  Internet Advisor Protocol Analyzer
Agilent / HP J2300E  Internet Advisor Protocol Analyzer
Agilent / HP J2901A  Gigabit Ethernet Undercradle
Agilent / HP J2905B  ISDN BRI S/T and U Interface Module
Agilent / HP J2912B  STM-1/OC-3 Module
Agilent / HP J3444A  Fast Ethernet Undercradle
Agilent / HP J3445A  J3445A Agilent Advisor LAN - Fiber Inter...
Agilent / HP J3759A  ATM DS-3/E3 Module
Agilent / HP J3759B  E3/DS3 ATM/WAN Module
Agilent / HP J3953A  Telegra VQT Analog Voice Quality Tester
Agilent / HP J4630A  VQT Undercradle for J2300
Agilent / HP J6800A  Network Analyzer
Agilent / HP J6830A  10/100 Ethernet LIM
Agilent / HP J7230A  OmniBER OTN Communications Analyzer
Agilent / HP J7231B  OmniBER OTN Communications Analyzer
Agilent / HP J7232A  OmniBER OTN Communications Analyzer
Agilent / HP N1610B  Service Advisor Portable Test Tablet
Agilent / HP N1626A  Dsl Tims Test Module
Agilent / HP N1725A  $250 AuroraDuet ISDN Tester
Agilent / HP N1737A  ATM Installation and Maintenance Tester
Agilent / HP N1738A  Aurora Presto DSL Tester
Agilent / HP N4901B  Serial BERT
Agilent / HP UH 1  STM-1 Optical Interface For HP 37717A
Anritsu EF106A  Bulk Call Generator
Anritsu EQ631A  Basic Rate ISDN Tester
Anritsu MD0623C  2MBps CEPT Interface
Anritsu MD6410  Data Transmission Analyzer
Anritsu MD6420A  Data Transmission Analyzer
Anritsu ME3620A  STM 64 SDH/SONET Analyzer
Anritsu ME3630A  STM64 SDH/sonet Analyzer
Anritsu ME446A  Transmission Merasuring Set
Anritsu ME520  Transmission Analyzer
Anritsu ME520A  Transmission Analyzer
Anritsu ME520B  Digital Transmission Analyzer
Anritsu ME522  Transmission Analyzer
Anritsu ME522A  Transmission Analyzer
Anritsu MG448A  Signal Generator
Anritsu MH370A  Jitter Modulation Oscillator
Anritsu ML422C  30MHz Selective Level Meter
Anritsu MP0104B  STM-4 Optical Interface For Mp1550a
Anritsu MP0111A  Optical 156m/622m 1.33 Unit Fof Mp1570a
Anritsu MP0113A  156m/622m 1.31/1.55 Optical Unit
Anritsu MP0121A  PDH & STM-1 Electrical Plug-In
Anritsu MP0122A  1.5/45/50m Plug-In Module
Anritsu MP0129A  STM16/Dual Optics Input Module For Mp157...
Anritsu MP1520A  PDH Analyzer
Anritsu MP1520B  PDH Analyzer
Anritsu MP1550A  PDH/SDH Analyzer
Anritsu MP1552A  PDH/SDH Analyzer
Anritsu MP1552B  PDH/SDH Analyzer
Anritsu MP1560A  STM/sonet Analyzer-156mb/s
Anritsu MP1570A  SONET/SDH/ATM/DSn/PDH Analyzer, Optical...
Anritsu MP1632A  Digital Data Analyzer Up To 3.2GB/s
Anritsu MP1632C  Digital Data Analyzer
Anritsu MP1651A  Error Detector
Anritsu MP1652A  3GB/s Pattern Generator
Anritsu MP1653A  3GB/s Error Detector
Anritsu MP1763B  12.5GB/s Pattern Generator
Anritsu MP1763C  12.5GB/s Pattern Generator
Anritsu MP1764A  12 Gb/s Error Detector
Anritsu MP1764C  12.5GB/s Error Detector
Anritsu MS371A  PCM Frame Analyzer
Anritsu MS371C  PCM Frame Analyzer
Anritsu MT8222A  BTS Master, W-CDMA/HSDPA Hand Held Base...
Anritsu MU150000A  STM64 Optical Plug-in
Anritsu MU150008A  2.5G [1.31] Unit For MP1570A
Anritsu MU150010A  2.5G [1.31/1.55] Unit For MP1570A
Consultronics AUTO-TIMS  III Automatic Tims Dataline Analyzer
Consultronics DLS400  DSL Cable Simulator
Consultronics DLS400HN  ADSL/HDSL Wireline Simulator
Consultronics PUMA  E1 Tester
Digital Lightwave ASA-312-02  OC-12c SONET Test Set
Digital Lightwave ASA-PKG-OC48  OC-48c SONET Test Set
Digital Lightwave ASA-PKG-OC48c  OC-48c SONET/ATM Test Set
Digital Lightwave ASA-PKG-OC48cA  OC-48c SONET/ATM Test Set
Digital Lightwave ASA-PKG-OC48XO  OC-48c SONET/ATM Test Set
Digital Lightwave NIC-10G  OC-192 SONET/SDH Test
Digital Lightwave NIC-192T1310  OC-192 SONET/SDH Test
Digital Lightwave NIC-2.5G  OC-48c SONET/SDH Test
Digital Lightwave NIC-PLUS192D  OC-192 SDH/SONET Test Set
Digital Lightwave NIC-PLUS192T  OC-192 SDH/SONET Test Set
Exfo Engineering FTB-200  Handheld OTDR with the Followi
Exfo Engineering FTB-250  FTB-250 mini-OTDR Test Set FTB250 1310/1...
Exfo Engineering FTB-400  Universal Test System
Exfo Engineering FTB-8510  Ethernet Test Module
Fluke OneTouch-Series-II  Network Assistant
Fluke WAVERUNNER  802.11b Wireless Test Set
GN Elmi DST2000  Data Service Tester
GN Elmi EPC-71  PCM Analyzer
GN Elmi EPC-91  PCM Call Analyzer
GN Elmi EPE-06  Handheld 2MBps-34MBps Bert Tester
GN Elmi EPE-51  PCM Analyzer
GN Elmi EPM-05  2MBps PCM Monitor
GN Elmi EPM-08  34MB/s PCM Monitor
GN Elmi EPM-09  140MB/s PCM Monitor
GN Elmi EPM-11  PCM Signal Monitor
GN Elmi EPM-41  140MB/s PCM Monitor
GN Elmi EPR31  PCM Signalling Recorder
JDSU 1010B  Digital Delay Simulator
JDSU 1020B  Digital Error Simulator
JDSU 1500A  Digital Transmissions Analyzer
JDSU 211  T Carrier Communications Analyzer
JDSU 6000FE  Communication Analyzer
JDSU FIREBERD 30447A  DS1C/ DS2 Interface
JDSU FIREBERD 30524  8MB/s G703 Interface
JDSU FIREBERD 30608  G703 64KB/s Interface
JDSU FIREBERD 30609  2MB/s G704 Interface
JDSU FIREBERD 31650  2M/34M ATM Interface
JDSU FIREBERD 31812  34MB Interface Adaptor
JDSU FIREBERD 34  Breakout Box
JDSU FIREBERD 4000  Communications Analyzer
JDSU FIREBERD 40200  RS449 (RS422/423) DTE/DCE Data Interface
JDSU FIREBERD 40202  V35 Interface
JDSU FIREBERD 40204  Lab Interface
JDSU FIREBERD 40204A  Lab TTL Interface
JDSU FIREBERD 40323  64KB/s Interface
JDSU FIREBERD 40380  2MB/s G703 Interface
JDSU FIREBERD 40405  DS1/T1 Interface
JDSU FIREBERD 41075  ISDN S/T TE Interface
JDSU FIREBERD 41400  RS-449/530/MIL Interface
JDSU FIREBERD 41440  T1/FT1 Drop & Insert
JDSU FIREBERD 41440A  T1/FT1 Drop & Insert
JDSU FIREBERD 41800  2MB/s & Nx64kB/s Interface
JDSU FIREBERD 41945  45MB/s DS3 Interface
JDSU FIREBERD 42219  HSSI Interface
JDSU FIREBERD 42219A  HSSI Interface
JDSU FIREBERD 42522  V35/RS449/X21 Interface
JDSU FIREBERD 6000  Communication Analyzer
JDSU FIREBERD 6000A  Communication Analyzer
JDSU FIREBERD PR-45  Printer For Fireberd 6000
JDSU INTERCEPTOR 1402  PDH Communication Analyzer
JDSU T-BERD-6000A  Multi-layer compact network test solutio...
JDSU TB307-1  DS3/DS1 Communications Analyzer
LeCroy SDA9000  9GHz Serial Data Analyzer
NetTest LITE  3000 2MBps Error & Signalling Analyzer
NetTest LITE-3000  Lite 3000 Handheld E1 Analyzers, Full tr...
NetTest MP7200  2mb/s Tester
NetTest MPA7300  SS7/GSM Protocol Analyzer
Okidata ML184  Compact Printer
Sage Instruments 935AT  Communications Test Set
Spirent LAN-3100A  10/100Base-TX Ethernet, 8-Port Module
Spirent LAN-3300A  LAN-3300A SmartBits SmartMetrics 10/100/...
Spirent SMB-10  SMB-10 SmartBits 20-Slot Expansion Chass...
Spirent ST-6405  ST-6405 Smartbits Module, 10BaseT smartc...
Spirent TAS  182 Telephone Network Emulator
Sunrise E20  2MBps Communication Analyzer
Sunrise SUNLITE E1  2MB Communications Test Set
Sunrise SUNSET E10  2MBPS Communication Analyzer
Sunrise SUNSET E8  2MBps Communication Analyzer
Sunrise SUNSETMTT  Sunset MTT Handheld Modular Test Set
Sunrise T1  Communication Analyzer
Sunrise XDSL  Digital Subscriber Line (dsl) Tester
TCC 40232  RS232 Module for Acterna 6000
Tektronix CHAMELEON  22 PLUS Communication Analyzer
Tektronix CSA803  Communications Signalling Analyzer
Tektronix CSA803A  Communications Signalling Analyzer
Tektronix CSA803C  50GHz Communications Signal Analyzer
Tektronix CTS750  STM-1 SDH Test Set
Tektronix GB-1400R  1400 MHz BERT Receiver
Tektronix GB-1400T  1400 Mb/s BERT
Tektronix GB-700T  Bit Error Rate Pattern Generator
Tektronix GB1400RX  1400 Mb/s Error Detector
Tektronix GB1400TX  1400 Mb/s Pattern Generator
Tektronix GB700  700mb/s Pattern Generator & Detector
Tektronix K1205  Protocol Analyzer
Tektronix K1297  ISDN Protocol Tester
Tektronix K15  Umts Protocol Analyzer
Tektronix OTS9000  OC192 SONET/SDH Transceiver System
Tektronix OTS9010  OC192 SONET/SDH Transceiver System Mainf...
Tektronix OTS91C1  10 GB Cock Card for OTS9010
Tektronix OTS91L1  10 GB TX/RX Card for OTS9010
Tektronix OTS91R2  10 GB Analysis Card for OTS9010
Tektronix OTS91T2  10 GB Transmit Card for OTS9010
Tektronix SC100  SONET Line Code Converter
Tektronix SJ300A  SONET Jitter Test Set
Tektronix SJ300E  SONET Jitter Test Set
Tektronix ST2400  SDH/Sonet Test Set
Tektronix ST2400A  SDH/Sonet Test Set
Tektronix TE966  Portable ISDN Communications System
Trend 422220  Upgrade 4Mb Memory Upgrade For Aurora Du...
Trend AURORA 30  Handheld Primary Rate ISDN Tester
Trend AURORA DUET  Basic & Primary Rate ISDN Tester
Trend AURORA PLUS  Basic Rate ISDN Tester
Trend AURORA SONATA  Basic/Primary Rate ISDN Tester
Trend LT2000  Tims Line Tester
Trend S  BUS Wiring Tester

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