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Tektronix Telecom Analyzers

Your search found 26 used / refurbished Tektronix telecom analyzers.

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Product Name Description Select
Tektronix CHAMELEON  22 PLUS Communication Analyzer
Tektronix CSA803  Communications Signalling Analyzer
Tektronix CSA803A  Communications Signalling Analyzer
Tektronix CSA803C  50GHz Communications Signal Analyzer
Tektronix CTS750  STM-1 SDH Test Set
Tektronix GB-1400R  1400 MHz BERT Receiver
Tektronix GB-1400T  1400 Mb/s BERT
Tektronix GB-700T  Bit Error Rate Pattern Generator
Tektronix GB1400RX  1400 Mb/s Error Detector
Tektronix GB1400TX  1400 Mb/s Pattern Generator
Tektronix GB700  700mb/s Pattern Generator & Detector
Tektronix K1205  Protocol Analyzer
Tektronix K1297  ISDN Protocol Tester
Tektronix K15  Umts Protocol Analyzer
Tektronix OTS9000  OC192 SONET/SDH Transceiver System
Tektronix OTS9010  OC192 SONET/SDH Transceiver System Mainf...
Tektronix OTS91C1  10 GB Cock Card for OTS9010
Tektronix OTS91L1  10 GB TX/RX Card for OTS9010
Tektronix OTS91R2  10 GB Analysis Card for OTS9010
Tektronix OTS91T2  10 GB Transmit Card for OTS9010
Tektronix SC100  SONET Line Code Converter
Tektronix SJ300A  SONET Jitter Test Set
Tektronix SJ300E  SONET Jitter Test Set
Tektronix ST2400  SDH/Sonet Test Set
Tektronix ST2400A  SDH/Sonet Test Set
Tektronix TE966  Portable ISDN Communications System

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