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Tektronix Signal Generators

Your search found 27 used / refurbished Tektronix signal generators.

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Product Name Description Select
Tektronix 1410R  Video Generator
Tektronix 1910  NTSC Digital Test Signal Generator and...
Tektronix AFG320  Arbitray Waverform Generator
Tektronix ASG100  Audio Signal Generator
Tektronix AWG2021  Arbitrary waveform generator
Tektronix AWG420  200 MS/s, 16-Bit Two Channel Arbitrary...
Tektronix AWG430  200 MS/s, 16-Bit Three Channel Arbitrary...
Tektronix AWG520  1 GS/s, 8-Bit Two Channel Arbitrary Wave...
Tektronix AWG610  2.6GS/s, 1-Channel, High Performance Arb...
Tektronix AWG710  4 GS/s, 1-Channel, Arbitrary Waveform Ge...
Tektronix AWG710B  4 Gs/S, 1-Channel, 8 bit Arbitrary Wavel...
Tektronix DG2040  2 Channel Data Pattern Generator
Tektronix DTG5078  8-Slot Series Data Timing Generator
Tektronix DTG5274  4-Slot Series Data Timing Generator
Tektronix DTGM20  Output Module
Tektronix DTGM30  Output Module
Tektronix HDVG1  HD Video Module
Tektronix HFS9003  Mainframe
Tektronix HFS9DG1  Data Generator Card
Tektronix HFS9DG2  Data Generator Card
Tektronix P3420  Pod for DG20xx card
Tektronix TPG20  Test Pattern Generator
Tektronix TSG-170A  NTSC TV Generator
Tektronix TSG100  NTSC TV Generator
Tektronix TSG1001  HDTV Generator
Tektronix TSG90  Pathfinder TV Signal Generator
Tektronix TSG95  PAL/NTSC Signal Generator

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