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Tektronix Oscilloscopes

Paragon Test Equipment offers a selection of quality used & refurbished Tektronix Analog & Digital Oscilloscopes all offered between 30% and 85% off list pricing and backed by a 14-day return policy and up to a 1-year limited warranty.

Every Tektronix Scope we sell is 100% Paragon Next2New re-certified by our in-house test equipment engineers. Each item undergoes an 8-step diagnostic procedure to ensure that the products you receive from Paragon are of the highest quality.

 351 Tektronix Analog & Digital Oscilloscopes
Product Name Description Select
Tektronix 012-1568-00  Extension Cable
Tektronix 1103 Buy Now$375 TekProbe Power Supply
Tektronix 11201  2-Channel 400MHz Digitizing Scope
Tektronix 11401  8-Channel 500MHz Digitizing Scope
Tektronix 11401A  500MHz Digitizing Scope Mainframe
Tektronix 11402A  1GHz Digitizing Scope Mainframe
Tektronix 11801  Digital Sampling Scope Mainframe
Tektronix 11801A  Digital Sampling Scope
Tektronix 11801B  Digital Sampling Scope
Tektronix 11801C  Digital Sampling Scope Mainframe
Tektronix 11802  Digitizing Scope Mainframe
Tektronix 2201  20MHz Digital/Analog Oscilloscope
Tektronix 2205  2-Channel 20MHz Analog Scope
Tektronix 2210  2-Channel 50MHz Digitizing Scope
Tektronix 2211  2-Channel 60MHz Digitizing Scope
Tektronix 2212  2-Channel 60MHz Digitizing Scope
Tektronix 2213  2-Channel 60MHz Analog Scope
Tektronix 2215  2215 60MHz 2-Channel Oscilloscope
Tektronix 2215A  2-Channel 60MHz Analog Scope
Tektronix 2220  2-Channel 60MHz Digitizing Scope
Tektronix 2221  2-Channel 60MHz Digitizing Scope
Tektronix 2225  2 Channel 50MHz Oscilloscope
Tektronix 2230A  2-Channel 100MHz Digitizing Scope
Tektronix 2232  2-Channel 100MHz Digitizing Scope
Tektronix 2235  100Mhz 2-Channel Portable Oscilloscope...
Tektronix 2235A  Dual Trace Oscilloscope
Tektronix 2236  2-Channel 100MHz Analog Scope
Tektronix 2236A Buy Now$395 2-Channel 100MHz Analog Scope
Tektronix 2245A Buy Now$300 100MHz 4-Channel Oscilloscope
Tektronix 2246  4-Channel 100MHz Analog Scope
Tektronix 2246A  4-Channel 100MHz Analog Scope
Tektronix 2246B  4-Channel 100MHz Analog Scope
Tektronix 2247A  4-Channel 100MHz Ana Scope With Voltmete...
Tektronix 2335  2-Channel 100MHz Analog Scope
Tektronix 2336  2-Channel 100MHz Analog Scope
Tektronix 2430A  2-Channel 150MHz Digitizing Scope
Tektronix 2432  2-Channel 300MHz Digitizing Scope
Tektronix 2432A  2-Channel 300MHz Digitizing Scope
Tektronix 2445  4 Channel 150MHz Analog Oscilloscope
Tektronix 2445A Buy Now$275 4-Channel 150MHz Analog Scope
Tektronix 2445B Buy Now$400 4 Channel 200 MHz Oscilloscope
Tektronix 2455  4-Channel 250MHz Analog Scope
Tektronix 2455A  4-Channel 250MHz Analog Scope
Tektronix 2465 Buy Now$600 4-Channel 300MHz Analog Scope
Tektronix 2465A  350MHz 4 Channel Oscilloscope
Tektronix 2465ACT  4-Channel 350MHz Analalog Scope
Tektronix 2465ADM  4-Channel Analog Scope
Tektronix 2465ADV  350MHz 4-Channel Oscilloscope
Tektronix 2465B Buy Now$700 4Ch 400MHz Analog Oscilloscope
Tektronix 2465B/10  400 Mhz 4-Channel Oscilloscope with Opti...
Tektronix 2465BCT  4-Channel 400MHz Analog Scope
Tektronix 2465BDM  4-Channel 400MHz Analog Scope
Tektronix 2465CT  4-Channel 400MHz Analog Scope
Tektronix 2465D  4-Channel 400MHz Analog Scope
Tektronix 2465DMS  300 MHz, 4 Channel Analog Oscilloscope...
Tektronix 2465DVS  300 MHz, 4 Channel Analog Oscilloscope...
Tektronix 2467  4-Channel 350MHz Analog Scope
Tektronix 2467B  4-Channel 400MHz Analog Scope
Tektronix 2467BHD  4Ch 400MHz High Writing Speed Analog Osc...
Tektronix 475A  2-Channel 250MHz Analog Scope
Tektronix 7313  Bistable Storage Oscilloscope
Tektronix 7603  3 Slot Oscilloscope Mainframe w/ Modules...
Tektronix 7D20  70MHz Digitizer Plug-In
Tektronix 8.00E+02  50GHz Sampling Module For TDS8000
Tektronix 8.00E+03  12.5GHz Sampling Module For TDS8000
Tektronix 8.00E+04  20GHz Sampling Module For TDS8000
Tektronix 8.00E+05  35ps TDR 20GHz Sampling Module For TDS80...
Tektronix 8.00E02  50GHz Sampling Module for CSA8000
Tektronix 80A01  8GHz - 20GHz Trigger Preamp, enhanced tr...
Tektronix 80A03  TekConnect Probe Interface Module
Tektronix 80C01  20GHz Optical Sampling Module
Tektronix 80C02  30GHz Optical Sampling Module
Tektronix 80C03  Optical Sampling Module
Tektronix 80C04  28GHz Optical Module
Tektronix 80C05  40GHz Optical Module
Tektronix 80C07  Multi-Rate Optical Module
Tektronix 80C08  Datacom & Telecom Optical Sampling Modul...
Tektronix 80C08C  Datacom & Telecom Optical Sampling Modul...
Tektronix 80E01  50GHz Sampling Module for CSA8000
Tektronix 82A04  Phase Reference Module
Tektronix A622  100 Amp, 100 MHz Current Probe
Tektronix A6302  20 Amps, 50 MHz Current Probe
Tektronix A6303  100 Amps, 15 MHz Current Probe
Tektronix A6303XL  100 Amp, 10 MHz Current Probe
Tektronix A6304XL  500 Amp, 2 MHz Current Probe
Tektronix AC220  Case, Soft; Large Nylon Soft Case For Td...
Tektronix AC3000  Case, Soft; Large Nylon Soft Case for TD...
Tektronix AD007  GPIB-LAN Adapter
Tektronix ADA400A  Active Differential Preamplifier
Tektronix AFTDS  Differential Signal Adapter Set
Tektronix AM503B  Manual Current Probe Amplifier
Tektronix AM503S  Current Probe System
Tektronix AMT75  75 Ohm to 50 Ohm Adapter
Tektronix CSA7404 Buy Now$5,500 4Ch 4GHz Digital Oscilloscope/Communicat...
Tektronix CSA7404B  4Ch 4GHz Digital Oscilloscope/Communicat...
Tektronix CSA7404B/2M  4-Channel 4GHz Communication Signal Anal...
Tektronix CSA8000  Communications Signal Analyzer
Tektronix CSA8000B  Communications Signal Analyzer Mainframe
Tektronix CSA8200  Communications Signal Analyzer
Tektronix CT-1  Current Probe

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