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Tektronix Logic Analyzers

Your search found 59 used / refurbished Tektronix logic analyzers.

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Product Name Description Select
Tektronix 020-2457-00  34 Ch Mictor-on-PCB to P6860 Compression...
Tektronix 1241  Color Logic Analyzer
Tektronix DAS9100  Logic Analyzer
Tektronix DAS9281  96-Channel Logic Analyzer
Tektronix DG2030  4-Channel Data Generator 409.6MB/s
Tektronix P6417  17 Channel logic probe
Tektronix P6418  17 Channel Probe
Tektronix P6434  Data Acquisition Probe
Tektronix P6470  Probe
Tektronix P6471  ECL Probe
Tektronix P6475  8 Channel Variable Probe
Tektronix P6810  34 Channel Probe
Tektronix P6860  34 Channel Probe
Tektronix P6880  34 Channel probe
Tektronix P6960  34 Channel Single Ended Probe
Tektronix P6980  34 Channel Differential Probe
Tektronix TLA510  Logic Analyzer
Tektronix TLA5201  Logic Analyzer, 34-Channels, 2GHz deep...
Tektronix TLA5202  68 Channel Portable Logic Analyzer
Tektronix TLA5202B  68-Channel 2GHz Timing Logic Analyzer
Tektronix TLA5204  136 Channel Portable Logic Analyzer
Tektronix TLA5204B  136-Channel 235MHz State 2MB State Logic...
Tektronix TLA611  34 Channel Portable Logic Analyzer
Tektronix TLA612  68-Channel Logic Analyzer
Tektronix TLA613  102-Channel Logic Analyzer
Tektronix TLA614  136 Channel Portable Logic Analyzer
Tektronix TLA624  136 Channel Portable Logic Analyzer
Tektronix TLA704  $300 Logic Analyzer Mainframe
Tektronix TLA711  Logic Analyzer Mainframe
Tektronix TLA714  Logic Analyzer Mainframe
Tektronix TLA715  Logic Analyzer Mainframe
Tektronix TLA720  5 Slot Logic Analyzer Mainframe
Tektronix TLA721  Logic Analyzer Mainframe
Tektronix TLA7AA2  102 Channel Logic Card
Tektronix TLA7AA3  102 Channel Logic Card
Tektronix TLA7AA4  136 Channel Logic Card
Tektronix TLA7AB2  68 Channel Logic Card
Tektronix TLA7AB4  136 Channel Logic Card
Tektronix TLA7D1  500MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope Modu...
Tektronix TLA7E2  1GHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope Module
Tektronix TLA7L1  34-Channel 2GS/S State 100MHz State Acqu...
Tektronix TLA7L3  102 Ch Logic Analyzer Module
Tektronix TLA7L4  136 Channel Logic Card
Tektronix TLA7M1  32 Channel Logic Card
Tektronix TLA7M3  102-Channel 2GS/S State 100MHz State Acq...
Tektronix TLA7M4  136 Channel Logic Analyzer Module
Tektronix TLA7N2  68 Channel Logic Card
Tektronix TLA7N3  102 Channel Logic Analyzer Module
Tektronix TLA7N4  136 Channel Logic Analyzer Module
Tektronix TLA7NA4  136 Channel Logic Analyzer module
Tektronix TLA7P2  68 Channel Logic Card
Tektronix TLA7P4  136 Channel Logic Card
Tektronix TLA7PG2  $595 64 Channel Pattern Generator Module
Tektronix TLA7Q4  136 Channel Logic Card
Tektronix TLA7XM  Expansion Mainframe
Tektronix TLALAN  LAN Card
Tektronix TMS109  P54 Support
Tektronix TMS805  Bus Support Pkg
Tektronix TMS808  AGP4X Bus State Support

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