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Product Name Description Select
Acterna OLP-10  Acterna OLP-10 Optical Power Meter
Acterna OLP-15  Optical Power Meter
Acterna OLP-16C  Acterna OLP-16C Optical Power Meter
Acterna OLP-18  Optical Power Meter
Acterna OLP-55  SMART optical power meter
Adtech SX14  Datalink Simulator
Advantest TQ8210  Handheld Optical Power Meter
Aeroflex 1600S  Communications Service Monitor, 250kHz...
Aeroflex 6460  Thermoelectric Power Meter
Aeroflex 6950  Power Meter
Aeroflex 6960  RF Power Meter
Aeroflex 6960A  RF Power Meter
Aeroflex 6960B  RF Power Meter
Agilent / HP 11683A  Power Meter Range Calibrator
Agilent / HP 11708A  30 dB Attenuator Pad (at 50 MHz)
Agilent / HP 11730A  5 foot power meter cable
Agilent / HP 11730B  10 foot power meter cable
Agilent / HP 11730C  20 foot power meter cable
Agilent / HP 432A  Analog Power Meter
Agilent / HP 432B  RF Power Meter
Agilent / HP 435A  RF Power Meter
Agilent / HP 435B  Analog power meter for use with 848X Ser...
Agilent / HP 436A  Digital Power Meter
Agilent / HP 436A  RF Power Meter ( Includes power sensor...
Agilent / HP 437A  RF Power Meter
Agilent / HP 437B  $150 Digital Average Power Meter, Single chan...
Agilent / HP 437B/8481A  RF Power Meter With 8481A Sensor
Agilent / HP 438A  $150 2Ch Power Meter
Agilent / HP 438B  RF Power Meter
Agilent / HP 478A  Coaxial Thermistor Mount
Agilent / HP 70100A  Power meter module for MMS (7000 series)...
Agilent / HP 8150A  850nm Optical Source
Agilent / HP 81511A  550nm-950nm Optical Power Head
Agilent / HP 8151A  Optical Pulse Power Meter
Agilent / HP 81524A  Optical Head (800-1650nm)
Agilent / HP 81525A  Optical Head (800-1600nm)
Agilent / HP 8152A  Light Wave Meter
Agilent / HP 81530A  Light Wave Sensor (450-1020nm)
Agilent / HP 81531A  $495 Light Wave Sensor (800-1700nm)
Agilent / HP 81533B  Optical Head Interface Module
Agilent / HP 81534A  Return Loss Module (1250-1600nm)
Agilent / HP 81613A  Return Loss Module with integrated Laser...
Agilent / HP 81634A  Optical Power Sensor 800-1700nm
Agilent / HP 81636B  Fast Optical Power Sensor Module
Agilent / HP 8166A  Lightwave Multimeter Mainframe
Agilent / HP 8477A  Power Meter Calibrator For 432A
Agilent / HP 8478B  10MHz-18GHz Thermistor Mount
Agilent / HP 84812A  Peak Power Sensor
Agilent / HP 84813A  26.5 GHz Peak Power Sensor
Agilent / HP 84814A  500MHz-40GHz +20dBm Peak Power Sensor
Agilent / HP 84815A  18 GHz Peak Power Sensor
Agilent / HP 8481A  18 GHz Power Sensor
Agilent / HP 8481B  18 GHz, 25W High-Power Sensor
Agilent / HP 8481D  18 GHz Diode Power Sensor
Agilent / HP 8481H  18 GHz, 3W Power Sensor
Agilent / HP 8482A  4.2 GHz Power Sensor
Agilent / HP 8482B  100KHz-4.2GHz 25W Power Sensor
Agilent / HP 8482H  4.2 GHz, 3W Power Sensor
Agilent / HP 8483A  $200 2 GHz, 75 ohm Power Sensor
Agilent / HP 8484A  $200 Power Sensor
Agilent / HP 8485A  26.5 GHz Power Sensor
Agilent / HP 8485D  26.5 GHz Diode Power Sensor
Agilent / HP 8487A  50 GHz Power Sensor
Agilent / HP 8487D  50 GHz Diode Power Sensor
Agilent / HP 8585D  Power Sensor
Agilent / HP 8900C  18 GHz Peak Power Meter
Agilent / HP 8900D  Peak Power Meter
Agilent / HP 8990A  Peak Power Meter
Agilent / HP 8991A  Peak Power Analyzer
Agilent / HP E4412A  18GHz Wide Dynamic Range Power Sensor
Agilent / HP E4413A  26.5GHz Wide Dynamic Range Power Sensor
Agilent / HP E4416A  $1,650 Single Channel Peak Power Meter
Agilent / HP E4417A  Dual-Channel Peak Power Meter
Agilent / HP E4418A  Single-Channel Power Meter
Agilent / HP E4418B  $750 Single-Channel Power Meter
Agilent / HP E4419A  Dual-Channel Power Meter
Agilent / HP E4419B  $1,300 Dual-Channel Power Meter
Agilent / HP E5970A  Handheld Optical Power Meter. Wavlength...
Agilent / HP E9300A  $650 18GHz Average Power Sensor
Agilent / HP E9300B  10MHz-18GHz Sensor (25W +44dBm)
Agilent / HP E9300H  18GHz Average Power Sensor
Agilent / HP E9301A  6 GHz Average Power Sensor
Agilent / HP E9301B  10MHz-6GHz Sensor -30dBm To +44dBm
Agilent / HP E9301H  6 GHz Average Power Sensor
Agilent / HP E9304A  6 GHz Average Power Sensor
Agilent / HP E9321A  50MHz-6GHz Peak & Average Power Sensor
Agilent / HP E9322A  E-Series Peak and Average Power Sensor...
Agilent / HP E9323A  $850 6 GHz Peak and Average Power Sensor
Agilent / HP E9325A  50MHz-18GHz Peak And Average Power Senso...
Agilent / HP E9326A  50MHz-18GHz Peak & Average Power Sensor
Agilent / HP E9327A  18 GHz Peak and Average Power Sensor
Agilent / HP ECP-E18A  18GHz Wide Dynamic Range Power Sensor (S...
Agilent / HP ECP-E26A  26.5GHz Wide Dynamic Range Power Sensor...
Agilent / HP EPM-441A  Single-Channel Power Meter (See E4418A)
Agilent / HP EPM-441B  Single-Channel Power Meter (See E4418B)
Agilent / HP EPM-441B/002  1-Channel Power Meter; Power Range: -70...
Agilent / HP EPM-442A  Dual-Channel Power Meter (See E4419A)
Agilent / HP EPM-442B  Dual-Channel Power Meter (See E4419B)
Agilent / HP N1911A  P-Series Single Channel Power Meter
Agilent / HP N1912A  P-Series Dual Channel Power Meter
Agilent / HP N1913A  Single-Channel Power Meter
Agilent / HP N1914A  EPM Series Dual-Channel Power Meter, Fre...
Agilent / HP N1921A  P-Series Wideband Power Sensor, 50 MHz...
Agilent / HP N1922A  P-Series Wideband Power Sensor, 50 MHz...
Agilent / HP N3970A  Handheld Optical Power Meter. Wavelength...
Agilent / HP N8481A  10MHz-18GHz Power Sensor/ -35 To +20dBm
Agilent / HP Q8486A  Power sensor, 33-50 GHz (thermocouple wa...
Agilent / HP R486A  Waveguide thermistor mount, R-band for...
Agilent / HP R8486A  Thermocouple Waveguide Power Sensor
Agilent / HP R8486D  26.5-40GHz Power Sensor
Agilent / HP W8486A  W-band (75-110GHz) Power Sensor
Agilent / HP X486A  Waveguide thermistor mount, X-band Use...
Ando AQ2733  InGAas Power Sensor module for Ando AQ21...
Ando IQ1623  Two Channels InGaAs High-Speed Power Met...
Anritsu MA24106A  50MHz To 6GHz USB Sensor -40 to +23dBm
Anritsu MA2411A  300MHz-40GHz Pulse Power Sensor, -20 To...
Anritsu MA2442A  18GHz Power Sensor (High Accuracy)
Anritsu MA2442B  18GHz Power Sensor -67 To +20dBm
Anritsu MA2444A  10MHz-40GHz Power Sensor
Anritsu MA2468B  18GHz Power Sensor
Anritsu MA2469D  10MHz-18GHz Fast Diode Sensor -60 To +20...
Anritsu MA2472D  18GHz Power Sensor -70 To +20dBm
Anritsu MA2473A  10MHz-32GHz Power Sensor
Anritsu MA2474A  40GHz Power Sensor -70 To +20dBm
Anritsu MA4701A  10MHz-18GHz Power Sensor
Anritsu MA4703A  50MHz-26.5GHz Power Sensor
Anritsu ML2407A  CDMA Power Meter, Single Input
Anritsu ML2408A  2 Channel RF Power Meter, CDMA Power Met...
Anritsu ML2419A  Power Meter, Range Calibrator
Anritsu ML2437A  Power Meter, Single Input
Anritsu ML2438A  2 Channel Power Meter
Anritsu ML2487A  Power Meter Single-Channel
Anritsu ML2488A  Power Meter Dual-Channel
Anritsu ML4803A  RF Power Meter
Anritsu ML83A  Microwave Power Meter
Anritsu ML83A/GPIB  Microwave Power Meter with GPIB
Anritsu ML910B/MA9305(X2)  Optical Power Meter
Anritsu ML93A  Optical Power Meter
Anritsu ML93B  Optical Power Meter
Anritsu MN9610A  Optical Power Meter
Anritsu MN9610B  Optical Power Meter
Anritsu PSN50  50MHz To 6GHz USB Sensor -30 To +20dBm
Bird 4314B  RF Directional Wattmeter
Bird 4410-7  144-520MHz 1000W Element
Boonton 4200  RF Microwatt Power Meter
Boonton 4200-4E-S/21  18GHz Power Sensor
Boonton 4220  Microwave Power Meter
Boonton 4400  RF Peak Power Meter
Boonton 4400A  RF Microwattmeter
Boonton 4500  RF Peak Power Meter
Boonton 4500A  RF Peak Power Meter
Boonton 4500B  RF Peak Power Meter
Boonton 51072  30MHz to 40GHz Power Sensor, -70 to +20d...
Boonton 51075  500kHz To 18GHz Power Sensor -70 To +20d...
Boonton 51077  500kHz To 18GHz Power Sensor -60 To +30d...
Boonton 56218  18GHz Power Sensor
Boonton 56318  0.5-18GHz Peak Power Sensor
Boonton 56326  0.5-26.5GHz Peak Power Sensor
Boonton 56518  0.5-18GHz Peak Power Sensor
Boonton 57318  0.5 - 18GHz Peak Power Sensor
Boonton 57340  0.5-40GHz Peak Power Sensor
Boonton 57518  $450 Power Sensor
Dranetz-BMI 110635-G5  Isolation Box
Dranetz-BMI 115550-G5  Isolation Module
Dranetz-BMI 3030A  Power Profiler
Dranetz-BMI 305-PA-3001  Phase Meter Plug-In
Dranetz-BMI 305-PA-3005  Phase Meter Plug-In
Dranetz-BMI 305-PA-3007  Phase Angle Plug-In
Dranetz-BMI 305-PA-3009  Phase Meter Plug-In
Dranetz-BMI 305-PA-300A  Phase Meter Plug-In
Dranetz-BMI 305-PA-3012  Impedance Measuring Equipment
Dranetz-BMI 3050  Phase Meter
Dranetz-BMI 305C  Phase Gain Meter
Dranetz-BMI 305D  Line Anaylzer
Dranetz-BMI 320  Temperature Controller
Dranetz-BMI 4300  Power Platform 4300
Dranetz-BMI 4800  Disturbance Analyzer
Dranetz-BMI 606  Line Disturbance Analyzer
Dranetz-BMI 606-1  Line Disturbance Analyzer
Dranetz-BMI 616A  DC/AC Voltage Disturbance Analyzer
Dranetz-BMI 626  Disturbance Analyzer Mainframe
Dranetz-BMI 626-PA-6001  Single Phase Plug-In for 626 Series
Dranetz-BMI 626-PA-6001101  Single Phase Plug-In
Dranetz-BMI 626-PA-6002A102  DC Monitor Plug-In
Dranetz-BMI 626-PA-6002C  Low Range DC Input Module for 626 Series
Dranetz-BMI 626-PA-6002C-1  Plug-In 25-600VDC
Dranetz-BMI 626-PA-6003  3-Phase Plug-In
Dranetz-BMI 626-PA-6003-1  3-Phase Plug-In
Dranetz-BMI 626-PA-6005  3-Phase Plug-In
Dranetz-BMI 626-PA-6006  AC Voltage Neutral to Ground Monitor
Dranetz-BMI 626-PA-6006-1  AC Voltage Neutral to Ground Monitor
Dranetz-BMI 626-PA-6008  Temperature Measure
Dranetz-BMI 626-PA-6009  3-Phase Monitor for 626 Series
Dranetz-BMI 626-PA-6011  Event Time Accumulator
Dranetz-BMI 626-PA-6012  Communications Module for 626 Series
Dranetz-BMI 626-PA-6012A  Communications Module
Dranetz-BMI 626-PA-6013  Mass Storage Module for 626 Series
Dranetz-BMI 626-PA-6014  Temperature Monitor
Dranetz-BMI 626-PA-6018  Single Phase Plug-In for 626 Series
Dranetz-BMI 626-PA-6030  Graphics Monitor Plug-In for 626 Series
Dranetz-BMI 626-PA-6036  Remote Monitor Interface for 626 Series
Dranetz-BMI 626101  Single Phase Plug-In
Dranetz-BMI 626G  Line Disturbance Analyzer
Dranetz-BMI 646  Line Disturbance Analyzer
Dranetz-BMI 646-1  Line Disturbance Analyzer
Dranetz-BMI 646-3  Line Disturbance Analyzer
Dranetz-BMI 646-3/1/2  Line Disturbance Analyzer
Dranetz-BMI 656  Line Disturbance Analyzer
Dranetz-BMI 656-PA-1001  Transducer Module
Dranetz-BMI 656-XD-1003  Radiated RF sensor
Dranetz-BMI 656A  Line Disturbance Analyzer
Dranetz-BMI 656A/H  Line Disturbance Analyzer
Dranetz-BMI 658  Power Quality Analyzer
Dranetz-BMI 808  Power Meter
Dranetz-BMI 808-101  Power Analyzer
Dranetz-BMI 8800  PowerScope
Dranetz-BMI A-023  Fuse Clip
Dranetz-BMI A-112  600 Amp Current Transformer
Dranetz-BMI A-115  60 Amp Current Transformer
Dranetz-BMI A-116  600 Amp Current Transformer
Dranetz-BMI A-120  3000 Amp Current Transformer
Dranetz-BMI A-121  20 Amp Current Transformer
Dranetz-BMI CA-4300  Adapter Cable
Dranetz-BMI CA-PP1-LEM  Adapter Cable
Dranetz-BMI CA-PP1-LEMX4  Flex CT Adapter Cable Set (PP1)
Dranetz-BMI CA-PP1-TR25X4  CT Adapter Cable Set (PP1)
Dranetz-BMI Card-2M  2 MB Memory Card for PP1/4300
Dranetz-BMI Card-4M  4 MB Memory Card for PP1/4300
Dranetz-BMI COMM-OEA115V  Fiber to Ethernet Communications Adapter
Dranetz-BMI CT-1000  1000 Amp Current Transformer
Dranetz-BMI CT-150  150 Amp Current Transformer
Dranetz-BMI CT-300  300 Amp Current Transformer
Dranetz-BMI CT-3000  3000 Amp Current Transformer
Dranetz-BMI ISO-5  5 Amp CT Termination (PP1)
Dranetz-BMI ISO-65X-5  5 Amp CT Termination (658/4300)
Dranetz-BMI LEMFLEX3K  3000 Amp Flex CT
Dranetz-BMI PFP4300  Thermal Printer (4300)
Dranetz-BMI PP-4300  Power Platform PP-4300
Dranetz-BMI PP-MCR  Memory Card Reader
Dranetz-BMI PP1  Power Analyzer
Dranetz-BMI PP1R  Power Platform Power Meter. Measures pow...
Dranetz-BMI PR150/SP1  150 Amp AC/DC Current Probe
Dranetz-BMI PR1500/SP7  1500 Amp AC/DC Current Probe
Dranetz-BMI PX-5  Power Analyzer
Dranetz-BMI PX-5-400  Power Analyzer (400 Hz)
Dranetz-BMI SCC-4300  Carry Case
Dranetz-BMI T402-P5P-ND  AC Power Source
Dranetz-BMI TASK8000  8000 TASKCard for PP1
Dranetz-BMI TASK808/H-M  TASKCard 808 for 4300
Dranetz-BMI TASKINRUSH  Inrush TASKCard for PP1
Dranetz-BMI TASKPQLITE  PQLite TASKCard for 4300
Dranetz-BMI TR-2010  100 Amp Current Transformer
Dranetz-BMI TR-2012  300 Amp Current Transformer
Dranetz-BMI TR-2013  1000 Amp Current Transfomer
Dranetz-BMI TR-2013A  1000 Amp Current Transfomer
Dranetz-BMI TR-2013B  1000 Amp Current Transfomer
Dranetz-BMI TR-2015  3000 Amp Current Transformer
Dranetz-BMI TR-2015A  3000 Amp Current Transfomer
Dranetz-BMI TR-2019  300 Amp Current Transformer
Dranetz-BMI TR-2019A  300 Amp Current Transformer
Dranetz-BMI TR-2019B  300 Amp Current Transformer
Dranetz-BMI TR-2021  30 Amp Current Transformer
Dranetz-BMI TR-2022  1000 Amp Current Transformer
Dranetz-BMI TR-2023  3000 Amp Current Transformer
Dranetz-BMI TR-2510  10 Amp Current Transformer
Dranetz-BMI TR-2520  3000 Amp Current Transformer
Dranetz-BMI TRTOREDEL  RPM CT Adapter for PX-5 & 4300
Dranetz-BMI TRTORFLEX  RPM Flex CT Adapter for PX-5 & 4300
Exfo Engineering IQ-1200  4 Channel Power Meter Module for IQ-203/...
Exfo Engineering IQ1202X  4 Channel Power Meter Module for IQ-203/...
Exfo Engineering IQ1600  High-Speed 4 Channel Power Meter Module...
Ezdigital GP505  GP505 0-50V 5A DC Power Supply
Fluke 41  Power Meter
Fluke 43B  Single Phase Power Quality Analyzer, The...
Fluke 80I600  AC Current Probe. Measures up to 600amps...
Gigatronics 58542  VXI Bus Universal Power Meter
Gigatronics 80301A  10MHz-18GHz Power Sensor -70 to +20dBm
Gigatronics 80320A  10MHz-18GHz Power Sensor -60 To +30dBm
Gigatronics 80324A  10MHz-40GHz Sensor -60 To +10dB
Gigatronics 80325A  10MHz-18GHz Power Sensor -40dBm To +47dB...
Gigatronics 80350A  45MHz-18GHz 200mW Peak Power Sensor
Gigatronics 80351A  45MHz-18GHz 5W Peak Power Sensor
Gigatronics 80401A  10MHz-18GHz 200mW Modulation Power Senso...
Gigatronics 80601A  $400 10MHz-18GHz 200mW Modulation Power Senso...
Gigatronics 80701A  $725 200mW 50MHz-18GHz Power Sensor
Gigatronics 8451C  Universal Power Meter
Gigatronics 8452C  Dual-Channel Universal Power Meter
Gigatronics 8540  40GHz RF Power Meter
Gigatronics 8541  $100 18GHz RF Power Meter
Gigatronics 8541B  RF Power Meter
Gigatronics 8541C  Single-Channel RF Power Meter
Gigatronics 8542  18GHz RF Power Meter
Gigatronics 8542B  Dual-Channel RF Power Meter
Gigatronics 8542C  Dual-Channel Power Meter
Gigatronics 8652A  $1,100 Dual-Channel RF Power Meter
ILX Lightwave FPM-8200  Fiber Optic Power Meter
Instek GPI-825  Hi-Pot Tester
Instek GPI-826  Hi-Pot Tester
Instek GPM-8212  Power Meter
Instek GPM-8212R  Ac Power Meter with RS232C Interface
Instek GPT-805  Hi-Pot Tester
Instek GPT-815  Hi-Pot Tester
Keithley 182  Sensitive digital voltmeter. 1 nV sensit...
Keithley 2410  1100V, 1A, 20W, SourceMeter
Keithley 616  AutoRanging Digital Electrometer
Megger 230425  AC/DC HiPot Tester; AC 0-4 kV, DC 0-5 kV
Megger 50611  Mini CT For PMM-1
Megger 550005  Single Phase TTR
Megger 550503  Three-Phase TTR
Megger 670065  Capacitance and Dissipation Factor Test...
Megger 672001  Insulation Power Factor Test Set
Megger 830280  Transformer Ohmmeter
Megger CP-100CE  100 Amp Current Transformer
Megger CP-20CE  20 Amp Current Transformer
Megger CTER91  Current Transformer Test Set
Megger MPRT  Protective Relay Test System
Megger PMM-1  Power Multimeter Multi-Function Measurin...
Megger PULSAR  Universal Protective Relay Test System
Megger SR90  Universal Protective Relay Test Set
Megger TTR100  Single Phase TTR
Noyes OPM1-2C  Optical Power Meter 850, 1300, 1310, and...
Noyes OPM5  $500 Optical Power Meter with Data Storage...
ODM RP450  Optical Power Meter ( model: RP450-02)
Rohde Schwarz NAP  Power Meter
Rohde Schwarz NAP-Z4  Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz NAP-Z5  Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz NAP-Z8  Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz NAP02  Power Meter
Rohde Schwarz NAP04  Power Meter
Rohde Schwarz NAS  Directional Power Meter
Rohde Schwarz NAS-Z5  1GHz Insertion Unit
Rohde Schwarz NAS-Z6  1GHz Insertion Unit
Rohde Schwarz NAS-Z7  1GHz Insertion Unit
Rohde Schwarz NAUS4  25-1000MHz 110W Directional Power Meter
Rohde Schwarz NRP  Single Channel Power Meter
Rohde Schwarz NRP-Z11  10MHz-8GHz Sensor 200pW-200mW
Rohde Schwarz NRP-Z21  10MHz to 18GHz Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz NRP-Z4  Passive USB Adapter
Rohde Schwarz NRP-Z81  50MHz To 18GHz Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz NRT  $2,000 Power Reflection Meter
Rohde Schwarz NRT-Z43  400Mhz-4GHz 30W RF Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz NRT-Z44  200MHz-4GHz 0.003-120W Sensor
Rohde Schwarz NRT/B1  Power Reflection Meter
Rohde Schwarz NRV  100KHz-18GHz Dual-Channel Power Meter
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z1  Power Sensor (10MHz-18GHz)
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z15  Power Sensor (40MHz-40GHz)
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z2  Power Sensor (10MHz-18GHz)
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z3  Power Sensor (1MHz-2.5GHz)-75 Ohm
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z31  Peak Power Sensor 30MHz-6GHz -30 to +13d...
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z32  Power Sensor 30MHz-6GHz 100uW-2W
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z4  100KHz-6GHz 20mW Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z5  100KHz-6GHz 500mW Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z51  18GHz 100mW Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z52  DC-26.5GHz Thermal Power Sensor 100mW
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z53  Power Sensor 0-18GHz
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z54  DC-18GHz Thermal Power Sensor 30W
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z55  DC-40GHz Thermal Power Sensor 100mW
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z6  50MHz-26.5GHz Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz NRVD  Dual-Channel Power Meter
Rohde Schwarz NRVS  NRVS RF Power Meter, Fast power, level...
Rohde Schwarz URV-35  RF Power Meter & Voltmeter
Rohde Schwarz URV5-Z1  0-400V DC Probe For URV5
Rohde Schwarz URV5-Z2  9KHz-3GHz 10V Insertion Unit 50 ohm
Rohde Schwarz URV5-Z4  75 Ohm 100KHz-3GHz Insertion Unit
Rohde Schwarz URY-Z2  100KHZ TO 2GHz, 10V INSERTION UNIT - 50...
Stanford Research PS325  Stanford Research PS325 Power Supply, DC...
Tektronix TFC200  Optical Power Meter, Spectral range: 750...
Tektronix TOP220  High-Power Optical Power Meter
TSH POP-350  Power Meter, 5 wavelengths standard ;...
TSH POP-350A  Power Meter, 5 wavelengths standard , -5...
TSH POP-570S  PON Power Meter, auto off, calibrated wa...
Wilcom T33902  Wilcom T339 Series Optical Power Meter...
Wiltron 560  Measures insertion loss, insertion gain...
Yokogawa WT1030  Digital Power Meter

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