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Acterna OMS-150  Optical MultiMeter Mainframe System Incl...
Advantest Q82227  900-1650nm Power Module
Advantest Q8460  850/1300/1550nm OTDR Mainframe
AFS AF-DR515-A1  Multimode OTDR, 850/1300nm, Class A: DR=...
AFS AF-DR515-C0  Multimode OTDR, 850/1300nm, Class C: DR=...
AFS AF-DR525-A0  Single Mode OTDR, 1300/1550nm, Class Ax:...
AFS AF-DR525-A1  Single Mode OTDR, 1300/1550nm, Class A:...
AFS AF-DR525-A2  Single Mode OTDR, 1300/1550nm, Class A+:...
AFS AF-DR525-B0  Single Mode OTDR, 1300/1550nm, Class B:...
AFS AF-DR525-C0  Single Mode OTDR, 1300/1550nm, Class C:...
AFS AF-DR525-D0  Single Mode OTDR, 1300/1550nm, Class D:...
AFS AF-DR525-D1  Single Mode OTDR, 1300/1550nm, Class D+:...
AFS AF-DR529-A1  Single Mode OTDR, 1300/1550/1625nm (PON)...
AFS AF-DR529-A2  Single Mode OTDR, 1300/1550/1625nm (PON)...
AFS AF-DR529-B0  Single Mode OTDR, 1300/1550/1625nm (PON)...
AFS AF-DR529-C0  Single Mode OTDR, 1300/1550/1625nm (PON)...
AFS AF-DR529-D0  Single Mode OTDR, 1300/1550/1625nm (PON)...
AFS AF-DR535-A1  Single Mode / Multimode OTDR, 850/1300/1...
AFS AF-DR535-C0  Single Mode / Multimode OTDR, 850/1300/1...
Agilent / HP 1735A  2 Port Fiber Channel Test Module 1,2 &...
Agilent / HP 81401A  750nm-1700nm Optical Power Meter Module
Agilent / HP 8140A  Optical Loss Test Set + Power Meter
Agilent / HP 81412A  1300nm LED Module
Agilent / HP 8145A-002  1300nm OTDR
Agilent / HP 8145A-003  1550nm OTDR
Agilent / HP 8145A-023  1300 & 1550nm OTDR
Agilent / HP 81464MH  850/1300nm Multimode Plug-In For 8146A
Agilent / HP 8146A  OTDR Mainframe
Agilent / HP 8155A  1300nm Laser Light Source
Agilent / HP 81622B  High Power Ge Optical Head 27dBm
Agilent / HP 81624A  Ingas Optical Head 5mm Diameter
Agilent / HP 81624B  InGaAs Optical Head 5mm Diameter
Agilent / HP 81625A  High Power Optical Head
Agilent / HP 81625B  High Power Ingaas Optical Head 27dBm
Agilent / HP 81628B  High Power Optical Head 35dBm
Agilent / HP 81635A  Power Meter Module
Agilent / HP 81640B  1495-1640nm Tunable Laser Module For 816...
Agilent / HP 8167B  Laser Source
Agilent / HP 81689B  Tunable Laser Module
Agilent / HP 8168A  Tunable Laser Source
Agilent / HP 8168E  $4,000 Tunable Laser Source
Agilent / HP 83400A  300KHz-3GHz Source Module 1300nm
Agilent / HP 83403C  6GHz Single Mode 1550nm Source Module
Agilent / HP 83433A  10GB/s Lightwave Transmitter
Agilent / HP 83437A  BroadBand Light Source
Agilent / HP 83440B  DC To 6GHz Lightwave Converter
Agilent / HP 8504B  Precision Reflectometer
Agilent / HP 8509B  Lightwave Polarisation Analyzer
Agilent / HP 86060C  Optical Lightwave Mainframe with the fol...
Agilent / HP 8702B  Lightwave Component Analyzer
Agilent / HP 8702D  Lightwave Component Analyzer
Agilent / HP 8703A  1310nm/1550nm Lightwave Component Analyz...
Agilent / HP 8703B  Lightwave Component Analyzer
Agilent / HP E1662A  Optical Interface Module (155.622 Mb/s)
Agilent / HP E1671A  HP E1671A SONET/SDH Transport Overhead...
Agilent / HP E1672A  HP E1672A SONET/SDH Transport Overhead...
Agilent / HP E6000A/E6003A  1310/1550nm Single Mode Mini OTDR
Agilent / HP E6001A  1300nm Single Mode Plug-In For E6000 ser...
Agilent / HP E6003B  1310/1550nm SM Laser Module For E6000C
Agilent / HP E6005  850/1300nm Multi Mode Plug-In For E6000...
Agilent / HP E6008A  1310/1550nm Ultra High Performance Plug-...
Agilent / HP E6009A  850nm/1300nm Multimode Module
Agilent / HP J2127A  Field Transmission Test Set with options...
Anritsu MA9611A  Optical Power Sensor
Anritsu MA9711A  Optical Power Sensor
Anritsu MG9001A  $500 Stabilized Optical Light Source Mainfram...
Anritsu MG9001A/MG0934E  Laser Light Source
Anritsu MG9001A/MG0938C  1550nm Laser Light Source
Anritsu MG9638A  Tunable Laser Light Source
Anritsu MH913B  OTDR Plug-In
Anritsu MH914B  OTDR Plug-In
Anritsu MH955C1  1310/1550nm OTDR Plug-In/28dB Dynamic Ra...
Anritsu MH963A  850nm OTDR Plug-In For MW910C
Anritsu ML9001A  Optical Power Meter
Anritsu MS0901A  LED Source
Anritsu MS9020A  Optical Loss Test Set With Power Meter
Anritsu MW0944B  1310/1550nm OTDR Plug-in
Anritsu MW0947A  1310/1550nm OTDR Plug-in
Anritsu MW0947B  1310/1550nm OTDR Plug-in
Anritsu MW0967B  850/1310nm Multi-mode Plug-in
Anritsu MW0970A  1310nm Sm Plug-in 23dB Dynamic Range
Anritsu MW0970B  1310nm Sm Plug-in 36dB Dynamic Range
Anritsu MW0972A  1310/1550nm SM Plug-in 23dB Dynamic Rang...
Anritsu MW0972B  1310/1550nm SM Plug-in 36dB Dynamic Rang...
Anritsu MW0973J  850nm Multimode Plug-in
Anritsu MW0975J  850/1300nm Plug-in
Anritsu MW9001B  OTDR Mainframe
Anritsu MW9010A  OTDR Mainframe
Anritsu MW9040A  OTDR Mainframe
Anritsu MW9040B  OTDR Mainframe
Anritsu MW9043A  OTDR Mainframe
Anritsu MW9060A  OTDR Mainframe
Anritsu MW9070A  OTDR Mainframe
Anritsu MW9070B  OTDR Mainframe
Anritsu MW9070B/0972A  OTDR Mainframe + 1310/1550nm SM Plug-In
Anritsu MW9076B  OTDR 1310/1550nm
Anritsu MW9076B1  OTDR 1310/1550nm
Anritsu MW9076C  OTDR Mainframe 1310/1550/1625nm
Anritsu MW9076D1  OTDR (1310/1450/1550/1625) + Chromatic...
Anritsu MW9076K  OTDR Mainframe 850/1300 Nm
Anritsu MW910A  OTDR Mainframe
Anritsu MW910C  OTDR Mainframe
Anritsu MW920A  OTDR Mainframe
Anritsu MW947B  1310/1550nm Plug-In For MW9040B
Dicon GP700B  Benchtop General Purpose Fiber Optic Swi...
Dicon GP700M+OPTS  FiberOptic Switch Mainframe with followi...
Dicon GP700M+OPTS1  FiberOptic Switch Mainframe with followi...
Exfo Engineering FBK-102  FiberBasix Test Set, (x1) EPM-102: Power...
Exfo Engineering FTB-5700-EI-EUI-89  Exfo FTB-5700-EI-EUI-89. Connector type...
Exfo Engineering IQ-9100-01-02-B-54  Exfo Fiber Optic Switch Module - Model...
Exfo Engineering IQ-9100-01-02-B70-LP  Exfo Fiber Optic Switch Module - Model...
Exfo Engineering IQ-9100-01-04-B-70-LP  Exfo Fiber Optic Switch Module - Model...
Exfo Engineering IQ-9100-01-08-B-70-LP  Exfo Fiber Optic Switch Module - Model...
Exfo Engineering IQ203  3 Slot Optical Test System
Exfo Engineering IQS9100  Exfo Optical Switch Module for IQ-200 an...
Exfo Engineering N2001  Novacure Ultraviolet Spot Curing Light...
Fitel S177A  Fusion Splicer SM & MM
Fluke FT330  Fiber Inspector Video Microscope
Fluke FTK-100  Optical Talk Test Set
Fujikura FSM05S  Optical Fusion Splicer
Fujikura FSM15S  Optical Fusion Splicer
Fujikura FSM20PM  Fusion Splicer SM & MM
Fujikura FSM20R  Fusion Splicer SM & MM
Fujikura FSM40-PM  Single Mode & Multimode Fusion Splicer...
Fujikura M100  Singlemode And Multimode OTDR
ILX Lightwave CSM-39010   100mA Current Source Module
ILX Lightwave CSM-39020  200 mA Current Source Module
ILX Lightwave CSM-39050  Current Source Module
ILX Lightwave CSM-39400M   4A Laser Diode Current Source Module
ILX Lightwave DPM-79810   Dual Power Meter Module
ILX Lightwave FCS-8812   OSA Calibrator Source
ILX Lightwave FOA-79722   Variable Fiber Optic Attenuator Module
ILX Lightwave FOA-8100/01   Fiber Optic Amplifier Controller
ILX Lightwave FOA-8100/02   Fiber Optic Amplifier Controller
ILX Lightwave FOA-9200VOA0   System Variable Attenuator
ILX Lightwave FOM-7900   Multi-Channel Source Mainframe
ILX Lightwave FOM-7900B  Mulitchannel Fiber Optic Test System
ILX Lightwave FOS-79800B   Source Modules
ILX Lightwave FOS-79800C   Source Modules
ILX Lightwave FOS-79800D   Source Modules
ILX Lightwave FOS-79800E   Source Modules
ILX Lightwave FOS-79870   ECL Source Module
ILX Lightwave FOS-79880   ECL Source Module
ILX Lightwave FPM-8210  Fiber Optic Power Meter
ILX Lightwave IR-2410   Infrared Sensor Cards
ILX Lightwave LCM-39420  Current/TEC Combination Module, (200 mA...
ILX Lightwave LCM-39425  Current Source / TE Controller Module
ILX Lightwave LCM-39440  Combination Module
ILX Lightwave LDC-3098  8-Channel Benchtop Logic Analyzer
ILX Lightwave LDC-3700  Low Power Laser Diode Controller
ILX Lightwave LDC-3712   50/100mA Laser Diode Controller
ILX Lightwave LDC-3714   50/100mA Laser Diode Controller
ILX Lightwave LDC-3714B  Laser Diode Controller
ILX Lightwave LDC-3722   200/500mA Laser Diode Controller
ILX Lightwave LDC-3722B   200/500mA Laser Diode Controller
ILX Lightwave LDC-3724   200/500mA Laser Diode Controller
ILX Lightwave LDC-3724B  Laser Diode Controller
ILX Lightwave LDC-3742   2/4A Laser Diode Controller
ILX Lightwave LDC-3742B   2/4A Laser Diode Controller
ILX Lightwave LDC-3744   2/4A Laser Diode Controller
ILX Lightwave LDC-3744B  Laser Diode Controller
ILX Lightwave LDC-3752   6A Laser Diode Controller
ILX Lightwave LDC-3752M   6A MOPA Laser Diode Controller
ILX Lightwave LDC-3900  4-Channel Laser Diode Controller
ILX Lightwave LDC-3916  16-Channel Laser Diode Controller with:...
ILX Lightwave LDC-3916  16-Channel Laser Diode Controller
ILX Lightwave LDC-3916371  Laser Diode Control Module
ILX Lightwave LDC-3916372  Laser Diode Controller Module
ILX Lightwave LDC-3916376  Current Source/Thermoelectric
ILX Lightwave LDC-39437  Current/TEC Module
ILX Lightwave LDM-444203   XT Style Laser Mounting Plate Kit
ILX Lightwave LDM-4616  16-Channel Butterfly Laser Diode Mount...
ILX Lightwave LDM-4616+8  16-Channel Butterfly Laser Diode Mount...
ILX Lightwave LDM-4972   DIL Laser Diode Mounting Fixture
ILX Lightwave LDM-4974   Butterfly Laser Diode Mounting Fixture
ILX Lightwave LDM-4976   Connectorized Laser Diode Mounting Fixtu...
ILX Lightwave LDM-4980  Laser Diode Mount
ILX Lightwave LDP-3840/01   Precision Pulsed Current Source, 1A
ILX Lightwave LDP-3840/03   Precision Pulsed Current Source, 3A
ILX Lightwave LDT-5412  Thermoelectric Temperature Controller
ILX Lightwave LDT-5910   Thermoelectric Temperature Controller
ILX Lightwave LDT-5910B   Thermoelectric Temperature Controller
ILX Lightwave LDX-3207   Precision Current Source, 200mA
ILX Lightwave LDX-3207B   Precision Current Source, 200mA
ILX Lightwave LDX-3412  Low-Cost Precision Laser Diode Driver
ILX Lightwave LDX-3525   Precision Current Source, 200/500 mA
ILX Lightwave LDX-3545   Precision Current Source, 1/3A
ILX Lightwave LDX-3565   Precision Current Source, 2/6A
ILX Lightwave LDX-3600   High Power Laser Diode Driver
ILX Lightwave LDX-36010-70   High Power Laser Diode Driver
ILX Lightwave LDX-36018-70   High Power Laser Diode Driver
ILX Lightwave LDX-36040-70   High Power Laser Diode Driver
ILX Lightwave LDX-3650   High Power Laser Diode Driver
ILX Lightwave LDX-3660   High Power Laser Diode Driver
ILX Lightwave LDX-3670   High Power Laser Diode Driver
ILX Lightwave LDX-3680   High Power Laser Diode Driver
ILX Lightwave LDX-3690   High Power Laser Diode Driver
ILX Lightwave LPA-9072   200/500mA Laser Parameter Analyzer
ILX Lightwave LPA-9072B   200/500mA Laser Parameter Analyzer
ILX Lightwave LPA-9074   2A/4A Laser Parameter Analyzer
ILX Lightwave LPA-9074B   2A/4A Laser Parameter Analyzer
ILX Lightwave LPH-6703   Silicon Power Head
ILX Lightwave LPH-6706   InGaAs Power Head
ILX Lightwave LPH-6708   InGaAs Power Head
ILX Lightwave LTS-9300   Laser Diode Life-Test and Burn-In System
ILX Lightwave LWM-6500   Laser Wavelength Meter
ILX Lightwave LWM-6500B   Laser Wavelength Meter
ILX Lightwave MPS-8012   Fiber Optic Source
ILX Lightwave MPS-8024   Dual Channel Fiber Optic Source
ILX Lightwave MPS-8033/00   Fiber Optic Source
ILX Lightwave MPS-8033/01   1310nm Fiber Optic Source, Fabry-Perot
ILX Lightwave MPS-8033/02   1550nm Fiber Optic Source, Fabry-Perot
ILX Lightwave MPS-8033/03   1550nm Fiber Optic Source,1 mW DFB
ILX Lightwave MPS-8033/04   980nm Fiber Optic Source
ILX Lightwave MPS-8033/05   1480nm Fiber Optic Source
ILX Lightwave MPS-8033/06   850nm Fiber Optic Source
ILX Lightwave MPS-8033/07   670nm Fiber Optic Source, Fabry-Perot
ILX Lightwave MPS-8033/55   ASE Broadband Fiber Optic Source
ILX Lightwave MPS-8033/65   ASE Broadband Fiber Optic Source
ILX Lightwave MPS-8035   Dual Channel Fiber Optic Source
ILX Lightwave OMH-6700   Silicon Power Probe
ILX Lightwave OMH-6700B   Silicon Power Probe
ILX Lightwave OMH-6701   Silicon Power Head
ILX Lightwave OMH-6701B   Silicon Power Head
ILX Lightwave OMH-6706   InGaAs Power Head
ILX Lightwave OMH-6706B   InGaAs Power Head
ILX Lightwave OMH-6708B  InGaAs Power Head
ILX Lightwave OMH-6708C   InGaAs Power Head
ILX Lightwave OMH-6709B   Cooled InGaAs Power Head
ILX Lightwave OMH-6710   Silicon Power Head
ILX Lightwave OMH-6710B   Silicon Power Head
ILX Lightwave OMH-6720   Silicon Power/Wavehead
ILX Lightwave OMH-6720B   Silicon Power/Wavehead
ILX Lightwave OMH-6725   InGaAs Power/Wavehead
ILX Lightwave OMH-6725B   InGaAs Power/Wavehead
ILX Lightwave OMH-6728   InGaAs Power Head
ILX Lightwave OMH-6730   Silicon Wavehead
ILX Lightwave OMH-6730B   Silicon Wavehead
ILX Lightwave OMH-6735   InGaAs Wavehead
ILX Lightwave OMH-6735B   InGaAs Wavehead
ILX Lightwave OMH-67452B   30W Silicon Power/Wavehead
ILX Lightwave OMH-6745B   InGaAs Power/Wavehead,100mW
ILX Lightwave OMH-6751B   Thermal Power Head, 10W
ILX Lightwave OMH-6755B   Thermal Power Head, 30W
ILX Lightwave OMM-6810   Optical Multimeter
ILX Lightwave OMM-6810B  Optical Multimeter, 400-1600nm
ILX Lightwave PDA-6424   Photodiode Amplifier
ILX Lightwave PSC-8420   Polarization Scrambler
ILX Lightwave SSB-9200  28-Channel L-Band High Density DFB Sourc...
ILX Lightwave TCM-39032  32 Watt Temperature Control Module
ILX Lightwave TLS-8801   C-Band Tunable Laser Source
ILX Lightwave TLS-8802   L-Band Tunable Laser Source
JDSU HA097+20AFA1  Programmable Optical Attenuator, Fiber...
JDSU RM3850+1FA7  Backreflection Meter - Fiber Type: (9/12...
JDSU RX3050+1012FA7  Multichannel Backreflection Meter - Oper...
JDSU SB1C10081  Benchtop/Rackmount Programmable Optic Sw...
JDSU SB1C10081+A  Benchtop/Rackmount Programmable Optic Sw...
JDSU SC0216  Benchtop/Rackmount Programmable Fiber Op...
JDSU SC1C10021  Benchtop/Rackmount Programmable Fiber Op...
JDSU SC1C10041  Benchtop/Rackmount Programmable Fiber Op...
JDSU SC1C10081  Benchtop/Rackmount Programmable Fiber Op...
JDSU TB2500EC  $700 Tunable Etalon Controller
Laser Precision FF1000  1550nm OTDR
Laser Precision TD1000A  1300nm & 1550nm OTDR
Laser Precision TD1000B  1300nm Handheld OTDR
Laser Precision TD1000D  850 & 1300nm Multimode OTDR (inc Floppy...
Laser Precision TD2000  OTDR mainframe
Laser Precision TD262  850/1300nm Multimode Plug-in
Laser Precision TD275  OTDR Plug-in
Laser Precision TD285  1310/1550nm Singlemode Plug-in
Laser Precision TD295  1310/1550nm Single Mode Plug-in
Meridian PXA-1300IR-1B9  Fiber Module, 232 MODEM WITH DB9 CONNECT...
Microtest CERTIFIBER  Fiber Optical Cable Certifier
NetTest CMA-4000I  $1,195 Nettest CMA 4000I OTDR Mainframe, Optica...
NetTest CMA-4473  Singlemode OTDR Module
NetTest TD-14M53412-VFL-FC  1310/1550/1625nm Plug-In For CMA4000i
NetTest TUNICS-BT  Wavelength Tunable Laser Diode Source...
NetTest TUNICS-PLUS  Anritsu / NetTest / Photonetics Tunics...
Noyes OLS4  $400 Quad Output Light Source with Wave ID...
Profile PRO800  2 Slot Modular Benchtop Chassis for Lase...
Spirent XLW-3721A  TeraMetrics 10Gb Ethernet Module
Sumitomo 35SE  Fusion Splicer SM & MM
Sumitomo T36  Fusion Splicer SM & MM
Sumitomo T37  Fusion Splicer
Sumitomo T39  Fusion Splicer SM & MM
Tektronix TFP2  $300 Fibre Master OTDR
TSH AFCID-T20  Fiber Cable Identifier, Testing Range:20...
TSH AFCID-T40  Fiber Cable Identifier, Testing Range:40...
TSH AFCID-T60  Fiber Cable Identifier, Testing Range:60...
TSH TFR-100S  Fiber Ranger (simple),laser source wavel...
TSH TFR-103  Fiber Ranger, 1310nm
TSH TFR-105  Fiber Ranger, 1550nm
Wavetek 5026DR  Sm 1310/1550 High Definition
Wavetek E5026VDH  Very Long Range 42/43dB 1310/1550nm Modu...
Wavetek E5029VDH  Very Long Range 43/42dB 1550/1625nm Modu...
Wavetek MTS5100  850/1300/1550nm OTDR
Wavetek MTS5200  OTDR Mainframe
Westover FCL-B1000  Benchtop CleanBlast Test System, include...
Westover FM-C99  Westover Handheld Fiber Microscope, 200x...
Westover FVM-200C-US  Video Fiber Microscope
Westover FVM-400C-US  Video Fiber Microscope

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