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Multiplexers & Switches

Your search found 48 used / refurbished multiplexers.

Product Name Description Select
Agilent / HP 3235  Switch / Test Unit
Agilent / HP 3235A  Switch / Test Unit
Agilent / HP 33311B  SPDT DC-18GHz Coaxial Switch
Agilent / HP 34520A  6.5 Digit Multimer Module For 3235A Swit...
Agilent / HP 34521A  AC/DC Source Module
Agilent / HP 34921A  40-Channel Armature Multiplexer for 3498...
Agilent / HP 34921T  Terminal Block For 34921A
Agilent / HP 34925A  $400 40/80 Channel Optically Isolated FET Mul...
Agilent / HP 34925T  Terminal Block for 34925A
Agilent / HP 3499B  2 Slot Switch/Control Mainframe
Agilent / HP 3499C  40070 Slot Switch/Control Mainframe
Agilent / HP 44421A  20-Channel Relay Multiplexer (3497A)
Agilent / HP 44422X  Relay Multiplexor With Thermocouple Comp...
Agilent / HP 44470A-Connector  Multiplexer Module Edge Connector
Agilent / HP 44472A  VHF Switch
Agilent / HP 44473A  Matrix Switch Module
Agilent / HP 44475A  Breadboard Module
Agilent / HP 44476B  Microwave Relay Driver
Agilent / HP 44477A  Form C Relay Switch Module
Agilent / HP 44478A  Dual 1x4 RF Multiplexer Module
Agilent / HP 44708A  20 Channel Relay Multiplexer Module
Agilent / HP 44725A  16 Channel General Purpose Switch Module
Agilent / HP 59306A  Relay Actuator
Agilent / HP 85105A  Millimeter Wave Controller
Agilent / HP E1366A  Dual 1 x 4, 50 Ohm; RF Multiplexer
Agilent / HP N2260A  2-wire 40-channel Multiplexer Module
Agilent / HP N2261A  40-channel General Purpose Relay Module
Agilent / HP N2266A  2-wire 40-channel Multiplexer Module
Agilent / HP N2290A  Screw Terminal Block
Agilent / HP N2291A  Screw Terminal Block
Agilent / HP V85104A  50-75GHz Test Set Module (for 85105a)
Agilent / HP W85104A  75-100GHz Test Set Module (for 85105a)
Digital Link DL3100  Digital Service Multiplexer
JDSU SB1C10161  JDSU SB Series Benchtop Optical Switches...
Keithley 7001  High Density Switch System
Keithley 7012  4x10 Matrix
Keithley 7015-S  40-channel Solid State Multiplexer
Keithley 7021  Mux/demux
Keithley 7072-HV  High Voltage Semiconductor Matrix
Keithley 708A  Single Slot Switching Matrix
Philips PM2121  Low Level Switching Unit
Racal 1250 DISPLAY  Keyboard/Display For 1250 Mainframe
Racal 1250 OPTION 14  Digital I/O Module
Racal 1250 OPTION 30  Scanner/Multiplexer Module
Racal 1250 OPTION 40  4x5 Signal Matrix Module
Racal 1250 OPTION 50  Switching Module
Racal 1250 OPTION 60A  Switching Module
Racal 1251  Switching System Mainframe

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