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LeCroy Oscilloscopes

Your search found 165 used / refurbished LeCroy oscilloscopes.

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Product Name Description Select
LeCroy 6050  WaveRunner 4-Channel, 500 MHz, 5 GS/s Os...
LeCroy 7200/2  2-Channel 400MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 7200/4  4-Channel 400MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 7200P10  350MHz Scope Probe
LeCroy 7200P12  350MHz Scope Probe Kit.
LeCroy 7242B  500MHz Amplifier for 7200A
LeCroy 7291  2 Gs/s Adapter Kit
LeCroy 8300  4Ch 3GHz Digital Oscilloscope
LeCroy 8500  4Ch 5GHz Digital Oscilloscope
LeCroy 8500A  4Ch 5GHz Digital Oscilloscope
LeCroy 8600A  4Ch 6GHz Digital Oscilloscope
LeCroy 8620A  4Ch 6GHz Digital Oscilloscope
LeCroy 9304  4-Channel 175MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9304CM  4-Channel 200MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9310  2-Channel 300MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9310A  2-Channel 400MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9310AL  2-Channel 400MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9310AM  2-Channel 400MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9310L  2-Channel 300MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9310M  2-Channel 300MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9314  4-Channel 400MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9314A  4-Channel 400MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9314AM  4-Channel 400MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9314CM  4-Channel 400MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9314L  4-Channel 400MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9314M  4-Channel 400MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9320  2-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9324  4-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9344CL  4-Channel 500MHz Digitizing Oscilloscope
LeCroy 9350  2-Channel 500MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9350A  2-Channel 500MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9350AL  2-Channel 500MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9354AL  4-Channel Digital Oscilloscope 500MHz BW...
LeCroy 9354AM  4-Channel 500MHz 2GS/S Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9354C  4-Channel 500MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9354L  4-Channel 500MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9354M  4-Channel 500MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9354TM  4-Channel Digital Oscilloscope 500MHz BW...
LeCroy 9362C  1.5GHz/10GS/S 2-Channel Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9370  2-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9374  4-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9374C  4-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9374L  4-Channel 1GHz 2GS/S Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9384  4-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Oscilloscope
LeCroy 9384C  4-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9384L  4-Channel 1GHz 4GS/S Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9384M  4-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Oscilloscope
LeCroy 9384TM  4-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9400  2-Channel 175MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9410  2-Channel 150MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9420  2-Channel 350MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9420/WP01/HDTV  2-Channel 350MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9424  4-Channel 350MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9450  2-Channel 350MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy 9450A  2-Channel 350MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy ADP300  20 MHz, 1400 Volt High-Voltage Active Di...
LeCroy ADP305  20 MHz, 1400 Volt High-Voltage Active Di...
LeCroy AP-1M  1MOhm Adapter
LeCroy AP015  30A Current Probe
LeCroy AP033  500 MHz Active Differential Probe
LeCroy AP034  1GHz Active Differential Probe
LeCroy CP015  15A AC/DC Current Probe
LeCroy CP150  150A AC/DC Current Probe
LeCroy CP500  500A AC/DC Current Probe
LeCroy D300-SYS  3GHz Differential Probes
LeCroy D600-SYS  6GHz Differential Probes
LeCroy D600A-SYS  6GHz Differential Probes
LeCroy DA1855A  100MHz Differential Amplifier
LeCroy DA1855APR2  100MHz Differential Amplifier w/2 each...
LeCroy DCS015  Deskew Fixture
LeCroy DDA-3000  4Ch 3GHz Disk Drive Analyzer
LeCroy DDA120  4-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Scope With DDA
LeCroy DDA260  4-Channel 2GHz Digitizing Scope With DDA
LeCroy HFP1000  1 GHz Active Voltage Probe
LeCroy HFP1500  1.5 GHz Active Voltage Probe
LeCroy HFP2500  2.5 GHz Active Voltage Probe
LeCroy HFP3500  3.5 GHz Active Voltage Probe
LeCroy LA302  LA302 3-Channel 200mhz Analog Oscillosco...
LeCroy LA354  4 Channel 500MHz Analog Oscilloscope
LeCroy LC334A  500 MHz Digital Oscilloscope
LeCroy LC334AM  4-Channel 500MHz 2GS/S Digital Scope
LeCroy LC374A  4-Channel 500MHz Digital Scope
LeCroy LC534AL  4-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy LC534AM  4-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy LC534L  4-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy LC564A  4Ch 1GHz Digital Oscilloscope
LeCroy LC564DL  4-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy LC574A  4-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy LC574AL  4-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy LC574AM  4-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy LC574M  4-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy LC584A  4-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy LC584AL  4Ch 1GHz Digital Oscilloscope
LeCroy LC584AM  4-Channel 1GHz 8GS/S Digitizing Scope
LeCroy LC584AXL  4-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy LC684DL  1.5GHz 2GS/S 4-Channel Digitizing Scope
LeCroy LC684DXL  4Ch 1.5GHz Digital Oscilloscope
LeCroy LT224  4-Channel 200MHz 200MS/s Digitizing Scop...
LeCroy LT262  2-Channel 350MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy LT264  4-Channel 350MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy LT264M  4-Channel 350MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy LT342L  2-Channel 500MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy LT344  4-Channel 500MHz 500MS/s Digitizing Scop...
LeCroy LT344L  $995 4Ch 500MHz Color Digital Oscilloscope
LeCroy LT344L/GP02  4-Channel 500MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy LT354  WaveRunner 2, 4 Channel, 500 MHz, 1 GS/s...
LeCroy LT354M  4-Channel 500MHz Digitizing Oscilloscope
LeCroy LT354ML  4-Channel 500MHz Digitizing Oscilloscope
LeCroy LT364  4-Channel 500MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy LT364L  $1,500 4-Channel 500MHz 1GS/S Digitizing Scope
LeCroy LT374  4Ch 500MHz Color Digital Oscilloscope
LeCroy LT374L  4-Channel 500MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy LT374M  $2,500 LT374M WaveRunner-2 Digital Storage Osci...
LeCroy LT584  4Ch 1GHz Digital Oscilloscope
LeCroy OC-1024  Oscilloscope Cart
LeCroy OE-425  Short wavelength O/E Converter (500-870...
LeCroy OE-455  Long wavelength O/E Converter (950-1630...
LeCroy OE-525  Short wavelength O/E Converter (500-870...
LeCroy PP005A  10X 500 MHz Passive Probe
LeCroy PP007-1  500 MHz Passive Probe
LeCroy PP012  100:1 300Mhz Probe
LeCroy PP066  7.5 GHz Low Capacitance Passive Probe
LeCroy SDA-6000  4Ch 6GHz Serial Data Analyzer
LeCroy SDA-6000A  4Ch 6GHz Serial Data Analyzer
LeCroy SDA-6020  4Ch 6GHz Serial Data Analyzer
LeCroy TF-ENET  Ethernet Test Fixture
LeCroy W334  4-Channel 350MHz Digital Scope
LeCroy WAVEJET 314  4-Channel 100MHz Digital Scope
LeCroy WAVEJET 352  2-Channel 500MHz Digital Scope
LeCroy WAVEJET WJ354  4-Channel 500MHz Digital Scope
LeCroy WAVEPRO 7100/L  4-Channel 1GHz 10GS/S Digital Scope
LeCroy WAVEPRO 7200/L  4-Channel 2GHz 10GS/S Digital Scope
LeCroy WAVEPRO 954  4-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Oscilloscope
LeCroy WAVEPRO-960  4-Channel 2GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy WAVEPRO7000  4Ch 1GHz Digital Oscilloscope
LeCroy WAVEPRO7100  4Ch 1GHz Digital Oscilloscope
LeCroy WAVEPRO7200  4Ch 2GHz Digital Oscilloscope
LeCroy WAVEPRO7300  4Ch 2GHz Digital Oscilloscope
LeCroy WAVEPRO950  4Ch 1GHz Digital Oscilloscope
LeCroy WAVERUNNER 104MXI  4-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy WAVERUNNER 204XI  4-Channel 2GHz Digital Scope
LeCroy WAVERUNNER 44XI  4-Channel 400MHz Digitizing Oscilloscope
LeCroy WAVERUNNER 6030  4-Channel 350MHz 2.5GS/S Digitizing Scop...
LeCroy WAVERUNNER 6030A  4-Channel 350MHz 2.5GS/S Digitizing Scop...
LeCroy WAVERUNNER 6050  4-Channel 500MHz 5GS/S Digitizing Scope
LeCroy WAVERUNNER 6050A  4-Channel 500MHz 5GS/S Digitizing Scope
LeCroy WAVERUNNER 6100A  4-Channel 1GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy WAVERUNNER 6200  4-Channel 2GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy WAVERUNNER 6200A  4-Channel 2GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy WAVESURFER 24XS  4-Channel 200 MMHz Digitizing Oscillosco...
LeCroy WAVESURFER 24XS/WS32  4-Channel 200 MHz Digitizing Oscilloscop...
LeCroy WAVESURFER 434  4-Channel 350MHz 1GS/S Digitizing Scope
LeCroy WAVESURFER 44XS  4-Channel 400MHz 2.5GS/S Digitizing Scop...
LeCroy WAVESURFER 454  4-Channel 500MHz 2GS/S Digitizing Scope
LeCroy WAVESURFER 64XS  4-Channel 600MHz 2.5GS/S Digitizing Osci...
LeCroy WAVESURFER WS432  2-Channel 350MHz Scope
LeCroy WJ324  4-Channel 200MHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy WJ334  4-Channel 350MHz Digital Scope
LeCroy WP7200  Wavepro 7200 2GHz 4-Channel 4GSa/s Digit...
LeCroy WP7200A  2GHz, 4-Channel WavePro Oscilloscope, 20...
LeCroy WP7300  3GHz 4-Channel Digital Oscilloscope, 20G...
LeCroy WR5454  4-Channel 500GHz Digitizing Scope
LeCroy WR6050  4Ch 500MHz Digital Oscilloscope
LeCroy WR6100  4Ch 1GHz Digital Oscilloscope
LeCroy WS454  4Ch 500MHz Digital Oscilloscope

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