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Used Keithley Test Equipment

Your search found 68 used / refurbished Keithley products.

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Product Name Description Select
Keithley 103A  Nanovolt Amplifier
Keithley 175  4.5 Digit Digital Multimeter
Keithley 1754  Universal Test Lead Kit
Keithley 179  4.5 Digit Digital Multimeter
Keithley 182  Sensitive digital voltmeter. 1 nV sensit...
Keithley 197  5.5 Digit Digital Multimeter
Keithley 197A  5-1/2 Digit Microvolt Digital Multimeter
Keithley 2000-SCAN  Scanner Card For Keithley 2000/2001
Keithley 2001  7-1/2 Digit Digital Multimeter
Keithley 2002  High-Performance, 8-1/2-Digit Digital Mu...
Keithley 2015  6.5 Digit Total Harmonic Distortion Mult...
Keithley 213  Quad Voltage Source
Keithley 220  Programmable Current Source
Keithley 224  224 Programmable Current Source
Keithley 225  $250 Current Source
Keithley 228  Programmable Voltage/Current Source
Keithley 228A  Programmable Voltage/Current Source
Keithley 230  Voltage Source
Keithley 2302  Battery/charger Simulator
Keithley 2306  Battery Charger Simulator
Keithley 236  Source Measure Unit
Keithley 237  Source Measure Unit
Keithley 238  $2,750 High Current Source Measure Unit
Keithley 2400  Digital SourceMeter
Keithley 2400-LV  SourceMeter w/ Measurements up to 20V an...
Keithley 2400C  Digital Sourcemeter With Contact Point...
Keithley 2410  1100V, 1A, 20W, SourceMeter
Keithley 2410-C  High Voltage Sourcemeter With Contact Ch...
Keithley 2420  High Current Digital Sourcemeter
Keithley 2420-C  High Current Digital Sourcemeter W/ Cont...
Keithley 2430  Pulse Mode Source Meter
Keithley 248  $1,995 5kV 5mA High Voltage Supply
Keithley 2510  $4,500 TEC SourceMeter 50W (5A, 10V), 50W TEC...
Keithley 2520  Pulse Mode Source Meter
Keithley 260  Nanovolt Source
Keithley 2602  Dual-Channel System Sourcemeter
Keithley 261  Picoampere Source
Keithley 2611  Single-Channel System Sourcemeter (200V)
Keithley 2612  Dual-Channel System Sourcemeter (200V)
Keithley 263  Calibrator/Source
Keithley 2701  Multimeter Data Acquistion System
Keithley 2750  Digital Multimeter, Data Acquisition, Sw...
Keithley 428  Current Amplifier
Keithley 486  Picoammeter
Keithley 487  $1,750 Picoammeter/Voltage Source
Keithley 580  Micro-ohmeter
Keithley 5804  Kelvin (4 Wire) Universal 10 Piece Test...
Keithley 5805  Kelvin Probe Set
Keithley 595  Quasistatic C-V Meter
Keithley 6103C  Voltage Divider Probe
Keithley 610C  Electrometer
Keithley 616  AutoRanging Digital Electrometer
Keithley 617  Electrometer/source
Keithley 6220  DC Current Source
Keithley 6221  AC/DC Current Source
Keithley 6430  Sub-Femtoamp Remote Sourcemeter Instrume...
Keithley 6485  $1,800 Picoammeter
Keithley 6514  Electrometer
Keithley 6517A  Electrometer High Resistance Meter
Keithley 7001  High Density Switch System
Keithley 7002  $700 400 Channel Switch System Mainframe
Keithley 7012  4x10 Matrix
Keithley 7015-S  40-channel Solid State Multiplexer
Keithley 7021  Mux/demux
Keithley 7072-HV  High Voltage Semiconductor Matrix
Keithley 708A  Single Slot Switching Matrix
Keithley 7708  40-Channel, Differential Multiplexer Mod...
Keithley 776  225MHz Frequency Counter Timer

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