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Instek APS-9102  1000VA AC Source
Instek APS-9301  300VA AC Source
Instek APS-9501  500VA AC Source
Instek GAG-810  Audio Generator (Low Sine Wave Distortio...
Instek GDM-8034  3.5 Digit Multimeter
Instek GDM-8135  3.5 Digit Digital Multimeter
Instek GDM-8145  4.5 Digit Multimeter
Instek GDM-8245  50,000 Count Dual Display Digital Multim...
Instek GDM-8246  50,000 Count Dual Display Digital Multim...
Instek GDM-8246GP  50,000 Count Dual Display Digital Multim...
Instek GDS-810  100 Mhz Digital Storage Oscilloscope wit...
Instek GDS-820  150 Mhz Digital Oscilloscope
Instek GDS-820C  2ch, 150MHz BW, 100Msa/s Sampling DSO
Instek GDS-820S  2ch, 150MHz BW, 100Msa/s Sampling DSO
Instek GDS-830  100 Mhz Dual Channel Oscilloscope
Instek GDS-840  250 Mhz Dual Channel Oscilloscope
Instek GDS-840C  2ch, 250MHz BW, 100Msa/s Sampling DSO
Instek GDS-840S  2ch, 250MHz BW, 100Msa/s Sampling DSO
Instek GFC-8010H  120mhz Digital Frequency Counter
Instek GFC-8131H  1.3 Ghz Digital Frequency Counter
Instek GFC-8270H  2.7Ghz Digital Frequency Counter
Instek GFG-3015  15MHz Function Generator w/ Counter, Swe...
Instek GFG-3015A  15 Mhz Function Generator
Instek GFG-8020H  2MHz Function Generator
Instek GFG-8210  10MHz Function Generator w/ Counter, Swe...
Instek GFG-8210A  10 Mhz Function Generator
Instek GFG-8215A  3MHz Function Generator
Instek GFG-8216A  3 Mhz Function Generator
Instek GFG-8217A  3MHz Function Generator w/ Counter, Swee...
Instek GFG-8219A  3MHz Function Generator w/ Counter, Swee...
Instek GFG-8250A  5MHz Function Generator w/ Counter
Instek GFG-8255A  5MHz Function Generator w/ Counter, Swee...
Instek GOM-801G  Milli-Ohm Meter
Instek GOM-802  New Instek GOM-802
Instek GOS-310  1ch, 10MHz Analog Oscilloscope w/ FG, Co...
Instek GOS-6103  2ch, 100MHz Analog Oscilloscope w/ Curso...
Instek GOS-6103C  2ch, 100MHz Analog Oscilloscope w/ Count...
Instek GOS-6112  2ch, 100MHz Analog Oscilloscope w/ Curso...
Instek GOS-620  2ch, 20MHz Analog Oscilloscope
Instek GOS-6200  2ch, 200MHz Analog Oscilloscope
Instek GOS-620FG  2ch, 20MHz Analog Oscilloscope w/ Functi...
Instek GOS-622G  2ch, 20MHz Analog Oscilloscope
Instek GOS-635G  2ch, 35MHz Analog Oscilloscope
Instek GOS-653G  2ch, 50MHz Analog Oscilloscope
Instek GPC-6030D  Triple Output Digital DC Power Supply...
Instek GPI-825  Hi-Pot Tester
Instek GPI-826  Hi-Pot Tester
Instek GPM-8212  Power Meter
Instek GPM-8212R  Ac Power Meter with RS232C Interface
Instek GPR-0830HD  8V 30A Power Supply
Instek GPR-11H30D  110V 3A Power Supply
Instek GPR-1810HD  18V 10A Power Supply
Instek GPR-1820HD  18V 20A Power Supply
Instek GPR-3060D  30V 6A Power Supply
Instek GPR-30H10D  300V 1A Power Supply
Instek GPR-3510HD  35V 10A Power Supply
Instek GPR-6030D  60V 3A Power Supply
Instek GPR-6060D  0-60v Digital DC Power Supply - 200VA...
Instek GPR-6060HD  60V 6A Power Supply
Instek GPR-7550D  75V 5A Power Supply
Instek GPS-1830D  18 Volt 3 Amp Power Supply
Instek GPS-1850D  18V 5A Power Supply
Instek GPS-2303  Dual 30 Volt 3 Amp Power Supply
Instek GPS-3030D  30V 3A Power Supply
Instek GPS-3303  Triple Output Power Supply
Instek GPS-4215  Quad Output Power Supply
Instek GPS-4303  Quad Output Power Supply
Instek GPT-805  Hi-Pot Tester
Instek GPT-815  Hi-Pot Tester
Instek GRG-450B  150 Mhz RF Generator
Instek GRS-6032A  2ch, 350 MHz BW, 100MSa/s Analog + DSO
Instek GRS-6052  50 Mhz Dual Channel Oscilloscope
Instek GRS-6052A  2ch, 50 MHz BW, 100MSa/s Analog + DSO
Instek GRS-620  20 Mhz Dual Channel Oscilloscope
Instek GRS-635G  35 Mhz Dual Channel Oscilloscope
Instek GRS-653G  50 Mhz Dual Channel Oscilloscope
Instek GSP-810  Spectrum Analyzer, 150kHz-1GHz, RBW 3kHz...
Instek GSP-810PM  Spectrum Analyzer, 150kHz-1GHz, with Pow...
Instek GSP-810TG  Spectrum Analyzer, 150kHz-1GHz, Built-In...
Instek GSP-810TGPM  Spectrum Analyzer, 150kHz-1GHz, Built-In...
Instek GSP-827  Spectrum Analyzer, 9kHz-2.7GHz, RBW 3kHz...
Instek GVT-417B  AC Millivolt Meter
Instek LCR-816  High Precision LCR Meter
Instek LCR-817  High Precision LCR Meter
Instek LCR-819  High Precision LCR Meter
Instek LCR-821  High Precision LCR Meter
Instek PS-1850  DC Power Supply 0 - 20 Volts, 0 - 5.2...
Instek PS-3201  Triple Output GPIB Power Supply
Instek PS-3202  Triple Output GPIB Power Supply
Instek PSH-10100  10V 100A Power Supply
Instek PSH-1036  10V 36A Power Supply
Instek PSH-1070  10V 70A Power Supply
Instek PSH-2018  20V, 18A Programmable Switching D.C. Pow...
Instek PSH-2035  20V 35A Power Supply
Instek PSH-2050  20V 50A Power Supply
Instek PSH-3610  20V 18A Power Supply
Instek PSH-3620  36V 20A Power Supply
Instek PSH-3630  36V 30A Power Supply
Instek PSH-6006  60V 6A Power Supply
Instek PSH-6012  60V 12A Power Supply
Instek PSH-6018  60V 18A Power Supply
Instek PSM-2010  Programmable Dual-Range D.C. Power Suppl...
Instek PSM-3004  Dual Range Power Supply
Instek PSM-6003  Dual Range Power Supply
Instek PSP-2010  20V 10A Power Supply
Instek PSP-405  40V 5A Power Supply
Instek PSP-603  60V 3.5A Power Supply
Instek PSS-2005GP  20V 5A GPIB Power Supply
Instek PSS-3203GP  32V 3A GPIB Power Supply
Instek SPS-1230  12V 30A Power Supply
Instek SPS-1820  18V 20A Power Supply
Instek SPS-3610  36V 10A Power Supply
Instek SPS-606  60V 6A Power Supply

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