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Function Generators - Arbitrary Waveform, Synthesizers

Paragon carries a wide selection of quality used function generators, arbitrary waveform generators, and synthesizers from most of the leading function generator manufacturers including Agilent Technologies, LeCroy, Rohde & Schwarz & Tektronix to name a few.

All pre-owned function & arbitrary waveform generators are offered at discounts of 50-85% off of manufacturer list prices, backed by a 15-day return policy and come with one of Paragon's standard limited warranty programs, including our Standard 1-Year Limited Warranty to domestic end-users.

 64 Function Generators
Product Name Description Select
Racal 3151  VXI 100MS/s Waveform Generator
Racal 3151A  VXI 100MS/s Waveform Generator
Agilent / HP 3245A  DC-1MHz Universal Source
Agilent / HP 3314A  20MHz Function Generator
Agilent / HP 33210A  10MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Gene...
Agilent / HP 3326A  Dual-Channel 13MHz Synthesized Function...
Agilent / HP 3336A  21MHz Function Generator
Agilent / HP 3336C  21MHz Synthesiser/Level Generator
Agilent / HP 3336C/04  21MHz Synthesiser/Level Generator
Agilent / HP 8111A Buy Now$300 20MHz Pulse/Function Generator
Agilent / HP 8165A  50MHz Function Generator
Agilent / HP 8770A  50MHz Function Generator
Agilent / HP N6031A  Arbitary Waveform Generator 10 Bit 1.25G...
BK Precision 4040A  0.2 Hz to 20 MHz Sweep Function Generato...
Fluke 301  Universal Waveform Generator
Fluke PM5136  5MHz Function Generator
LeCroy 9109  Arbitrary Waveform Generator
LeCroy LW410  400MS/S Arbitrary Waveform Generator
LeCroy LW410A  400MS/S Arbitrary Waveform Generator
LeCroy LW410B  400MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator
LeCroy LW420  2-Channel 400MS/S Arbitrary Waveform Gen...
LeCroy LW420A  2-Channel 400MS/S Arbitrary Waveform Gen...
LeCroy LW420B  2-Channel 400MS/S Arbitrary Waveform Gen...
Levell TG303  2MHz Function Generator
Philips PM5132  2MHz Function Generator
Philips PM5138  10MHz Function Generator
Philips PM5139  20MHz Function Generator
Philips PM5191  2MHz Function Generator
Philips PM5192  20MHz Function Generator
Philips PM5193  50MHz Function Generator
Rohde Schwarz ADS  Dual Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Rohde Schwarz AFG  0.01Hz-20MHz Function Generator
Rohde Schwarz AM300  Dual-Channel Arbitrary/Function Generato...
Tektronix AFG310  16MHz Arbitrary Function Generator
Tektronix AFG3102  Arbitrary Function Generator 100MHz 2-Ch...
Tektronix AFG3252  Arbitrary / Function Generator, 240MHz...
Tektronix AWG2005  20MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Tektronix AWG2040  500MHz 1GS/S Arbitrary Waveform Generato...
Tektronix AWG2041  Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Tektronix AWG2041/01  Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Tektronix AWG410  16Bit/1-Channel Arbitrary Waveform Gener...
Tektronix AWG5012  2-Channel 1.2GS/S Arbitrary Waveform Gen...
Tektronix AWG510  1GS/S Arbitrary Waveform Generator (12...
Tektronix CFG253  3MHz Function Generator
Tektronix FG504  40MHz Function Generator
Thandar TG1010  10MHz Function Generator
Thandar TG1304  13MHz Function Generator
Thandar TG210  2MHz Function Generator
Thandar TG230  2MHz Function Generator
Thandar TG503  5MHz Pulse/Function Generator
Thandar TG550  5MHz Function Generator
Thandar TGA/1240  Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Thandar TGA1230  Arbitrary 10MHz Function Generator
Thandar TGA1241  Function Generator
Thandar TGA1242  Function Generator/arb
TTI TG1010A  10MHz Function Generator
TTI TGA1244  4-Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Wavetek 171  2MHz Synthesiser/Function Generator
Wavetek 178  50MHz Waveform Generator
Wavetek 184  5MHz Function Generator
Wavetek 275  12MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Wavetek 278  12MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Wavetek 39  100MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Wavetek 650  2MHz Variable Phase Synthesiser

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