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Fluke Data Acquisition

Your search found 11 used / refurbished Fluke data acquisition.

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Product Name Description Select
Fluke 2280A/162  Thermocouple DC Volt Scanner Plug-in
Fluke 2280A/175  Input Connector Card for Scanner Plug-in
Fluke 2625A  Data Logger
Fluke 2635A  Hydra Data Bucket
Fluke 263XA-803  Memory Card Drive
Fluke 2640A  NetDAQ - Networked Data Acquisition Unit...
Fluke 2680A-DIO  Digital IO/Relay w/Totalizer Module
Fluke 2680A-FAI  Fast Analog Input Module
Fluke 2680A-PAI  Precision Analog Input Module
Fluke 2686A  Data Logging System Chassis
Fluke RS40  RS-232 Cable

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