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Used Exfo Test Equipment

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Exfo Engineering BRT-320  Back Reflection Test Set
Exfo Engineering BRT-320A  Back Reflection Test Set
Exfo Engineering FBK-102  FiberBasix Test Set, (x1) EPM-102: Power...
Exfo Engineering FLS-110  Optical Source
Exfo Engineering FLS-110-02P  Optical Source
Exfo Engineering FLS-110-03P  Optical Source
Exfo Engineering FLS-135A  1310/1550nm Singlemode Light Source
Exfo Engineering FLS-136A  Laser Source
Exfo Engineering FLS-235  Visual Fault Locator
Exfo Engineering FLS-235B  Fiber Visual Fault Locator
Exfo Engineering FOMS-200X  Optical Fiber Scope
Exfo Engineering FOS-125A  1310/1550nm LED Light Source
Exfo Engineering FOT-12AX  Optical Power Meter
Exfo Engineering FOT-22AX  Optical Power Meter
Exfo Engineering FOT-922  Optical Loss/Return Loss Test Set
Exfo Engineering FOT-922X  Automated Loss/Return Loss Test Set
Exfo Engineering FOT-932X  Multifunction Loss Tester
Exfo Engineering FOT92A  Optical power meter
Exfo Engineering FTB-100  Mini-OTDR Mainframe
Exfo Engineering FTB-100B  Mini-OTDR Mainframe
Exfo Engineering FTB-1400  Optical Mult-Test Module for FTB300/400...
Exfo Engineering FTB-200  Handheld OTDR with the Followi
Exfo Engineering FTB-250  FTB-250 mini-OTDR Test Set FTB250 1310/1...
Exfo Engineering FTB-300  Color Mini OTDR Mainframe
Exfo Engineering FTB-3920  Optical Multi Test Module
Exfo Engineering FTB-400  Universal Test System
Exfo Engineering FTB-5240  Optical Spectrum Analyzer Module
Exfo Engineering FTB-5240B  Optical Spectrum Analyzer Module
Exfo Engineering FTB-5320  Exfo Multi Wavelength Meter Module. For...
Exfo Engineering FTB-5503  PMD Analyzer Module
Exfo Engineering FTB-5523  PMD Analyzer Module
Exfo Engineering FTB-5700-EI-EUI-89  Exfo FTB-5700-EI-EUI-89. Connector type...
Exfo Engineering FTB-7200B  SM OTDR Module for FTB300/400 Mainframes...
Exfo Engineering FTB-7200D  MM OTDR Module for FTB300 (will not work...
Exfo Engineering FTB-7212B  Multimode OTDR Module
Exfo Engineering FTB-7212B-C  Multimode OTDR Module
Exfo Engineering FTB-7212B-D  Multimode OTDR Module
Exfo Engineering FTB-7303B  Singlemode OTDR Module
Exfo Engineering FTB-7323B  Singlemode OTDR Module
Exfo Engineering FTB-7323B-B  Singlemode OTDR Module
Exfo Engineering FTB-8510  Ethernet Test Module
Exfo Engineering FTB-8510B  Packet Blazer Ethernet Test Module, (x2)...
Exfo Engineering IQ-1200  4 Channel Power Meter Module for IQ-203/...
Exfo Engineering IQ-12002S  Optical Test System
Exfo Engineering IQ-1643  Power Meter Module
Exfo Engineering IQ-203-I2-K  Optical Test Mainframe
Exfo Engineering IQ-206  Expansion Unit
Exfo Engineering IQ-2300-96  Broadband Source
Exfo Engineering IQ-2600B  Laser Source
Exfo Engineering IQ-3100  Variable Attenuator Module
Exfo Engineering IQ-3100BM  Variable Attenuator
Exfo Engineering IQ-3200B-EA  Return Loss Module
Exfo Engineering IQ-5320  Wavelength Meter Module
Exfo Engineering IQ-6100  Booster Amplifier
Exfo Engineering IQ-9100-01-02-B-54  Exfo Fiber Optic Switch Module - Model...
Exfo Engineering IQ-9100-01-02-B70-LP  Exfo Fiber Optic Switch Module - Model...
Exfo Engineering IQ-9100-01-04-B-70-LP  Exfo Fiber Optic Switch Module - Model...
Exfo Engineering IQ-9100-01-08-B-70-LP  Exfo Fiber Optic Switch Module - Model...
Exfo Engineering IQ-9104Z  Optical Switch
Exfo Engineering IQ-9112Z  Optical Switch
Exfo Engineering IQ1202X  4 Channel Power Meter Module for IQ-203/...
Exfo Engineering IQ1600  High-Speed 4 Channel Power Meter Module...
Exfo Engineering IQ203  3 Slot Optical Test System
Exfo Engineering IQS-505P-N10-13-G1  Intelligent Test System - Model Number:...
Exfo Engineering IQS9100  Exfo Optical Switch Module for IQ-200 an...
Exfo Engineering N2001  Novacure Ultraviolet Spot Curing Light...
Exfo Engineering N2001-A  Novacure UV Light Source
Exfo Engineering VCS-20A  Fiber Optic Talk Set

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