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EMI/EMC Test Systems & Receivers

EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) & EMC (ElectroMagnetic Compatibility) test systems evaluate and analyze the electro-magnetic energy that is emmitted by electronic components, devices & circuits.

The electromagnetic energy given off by an electrical component or circuit is call EMI and can cause interference with the operation of other nearby circuits that are susceptible to EMI noise.

EMI EMC Scanning Systems / Test Receivers
Product Name Description Select
AFJ LS16C  9KHz-30MHz 16A LISN
Agilent / HP 11940A/11941A/11909A  30MHz-1GHz Close Field Probe
Agilent / HP 8542E  9KHz-2.9GHz EMI Receiver (85422E & 85420...
Agilent / HP 85462A  9KHz-6.5GHz Receiver RF Section
Agilent / HP 8546A  9 kHz to 6.5 GHz EMI Test Receiver (incl...
Keytek 801-5  Surge Generator
Schwarzbeck FSME1515  85KHz-30MHz Test Receiver
Schwarzbeck NNBM8125  Single Phase 50 OHM 70A
Amplifier Research FP4000  10KHz-1GHz Electomagnetic Probe
Anritsu ML522F  300-999MHz Measuring Receiver
Anritsu ML524C  25-1000MHz Measuring Receiver
Aprel ALSAS-10U  Universal Integrated SAR Measurement Sys...
Aprel D-2450-S  Validation Dipoles
Aprel E-020  Immersible Isotropic E-Field Probe - Fre...
Aprel EM-ISIGHT  Portable EM-Measurement System - Perform...
Aprel H-E-SET2  Device Holder
Aprel MINI-HAC  Performs HAC testing for wireless commun...
Aprel P-SAM-L  SAM Phantom has been developed utilizing...
Aprel P-UP-1  Universal Phantom is a patented concept...
Chase HFR2000  30MHz Measuring Receiver
Chase LFR1000  9KHz-150KHz Interference Measuring Recei...
Chase MN2050  30MHz LISN
Chase MN2050B  9KHz-30MHz LISN
Chauvin Arnoux C43  2.5GHz Electric Field Meter
Combinova EFM  200 400KHz Electric Field Meter
Combinova FD-1  2.7KHz Field Detector
Combinova MFM10  5-2000Hz Magnetic Field Meter
Combinova MFM1000  Magnetic Field Meter
Electrometrics EM7820  25A 30MHz Single Phase LISN
Emco 6952  1 - 18GHz Log Periodic Antenna
Haefely DEC1-IP6.2  Haefely DEC1-IP6.2 Decoupling Unit
Haefely IP6.2  Haefely IP6.2 Manual Surge Coupling Unit
Haefely PHV41.1  Haefely Burst Generator. Includes the fo...
Haefely PSURGE 4.1  Haefely PSURGE 4.1 AC Surge Generator...
Rohde Schwarz EB100  20MHz-1GHz EMC Test Receiver
Rohde Schwarz EB200  Test Receiver
Rohde Schwarz EPZ100  Panoramic Display For EB100
Rohde Schwarz ESAI  20Hz-1.8GHz EMI Test Receiver
Rohde Schwarz ESBI  20Hz-5GHz Test Receiver With Spectrum An...
Rohde Schwarz ESCI  9KHz-3GHz EMI Test Receiver
Rohde Schwarz ESCS30  2.75GHz EMI Receiver
Rohde Schwarz ESH2  Test Receiver (30MHz)
Rohde Schwarz ESH3  30MHz EMI Test Receiver
Rohde Schwarz ESH3-Z6  Artificial Network
Rohde Schwarz ESHS10  30MHz EMI Test Receiver
Rohde Schwarz ESHS30  EMC Test Receiver
Rohde Schwarz ESI26  20Hz-26.5GHz Test Receiver
Rohde Schwarz ESI7  20Hz-7GHz Test Receiver
Rohde Schwarz ESIB26  26GHz EMI Test Receiver
Rohde Schwarz ESIB-40  40GHz EMI Test Receiver
Rohde Schwarz ESIB7  7GHz EMI Test Receiver
Rohde Schwarz ESMI  20Hz-26.5GHz EMI Test Receiver
Rohde Schwarz ESN  9KHz-1GHz Test Receiver
Rohde Schwarz ESPC  150KHz-1GHz EMI Test Receiver
Rohde Schwarz ESPI3  9KHz-3GHz Test Receiver
Rohde Schwarz ESPI7  9KHz-7GHz EMI Test Receiver
Rohde Schwarz ESV  20MHz-1GHz Test Reciever
Rohde Schwarz ESVB  (.22 Version) 20MHz-1GHz Measuring Recei...
Rohde Schwarz ESVB20  20MHz-2.05GHz Measuring Receiver
Rohde Schwarz ESVD  20-1000MHz Test Receiver
Rohde Schwarz ESVP  20-1300MHz Test Receiver
Rohde Schwarz ESVS10  1GHz EMI Test Receiver
Rohde Schwarz ESVS20  EMI Test Receiver
Rohde Schwarz ESVS30  1GHz EMI Test Receiver
Rohde Schwarz HFV-Z  20MHz To 1000MHz RF Probe
Schaffner NSG1003  Dropout & Variation Simulator
Schaffner NSG1025  Fast Transient/Burst Generator
Schaffner NSG200D  EMC Mainframe
Schaffner NSG200E  EMC Mainframe
Schaffner NSG2025-1  Single Phase Fast Transient/Burst Genera...
Schaffner NSG2025-3  Single Phase Fast Transient/burst Genera...
Schaffner NSG2025-4  Three Phase Fast Transient/Burst Generat...
Schaffner NSG2025-7  Single Phase Fast Transient/Burst Genera...
Schaffner NSG203A  Mains Failure Plug-in
Schaffner NSG2050  Fast Transient/burst Generator
Schaffner NSG2070  Conducted Immunity Test System
Schaffner NSG222A  Pulse Interference Simulator Plug-In
Schaffner NSG223  High Energy Pulse Plug-in
Schaffner NSG223A  High Energy Pulse Plug-in
Schaffner NSG224A  Medium Energy Plug-in For 200e Mainframe
Schaffner NSG225A  Burst Simulator Plug-In
Schaffner NSG332  Coupling Clamp
Schaffner NSG401  AC Dropout Simulator
Schaffner NSG430  ESD Simulator
Schaffner NSG438  ESD Simulator (30kV Air/Contact)
Schaffner NSG5005  Test Pulse Module For Nsg5000
Schaffner NSG500A  Interference Simulator
Schaffner NSG500B  Interference Simulator
Schaffner NSG500C  Interference Simulator
Schaffner NSG505  Surge Generator
Schaffner NSG506C  Auxillary Generator For Nsg500c
Schaffner NSG509/11  HV Test Generator
Schaffner NSG600  EMC Mainframe
Schaffner NSG603  Line Dropout & Variation Plug-In
Schaffner NSG603A  AC/DC line dropout and variation simulat...
Schaffner NSG622  Fast Pulse Simulator
Schaffner NSG651  Single Phase Fast Transient/Burst Genera...
Schaffner PNW2050  Pulse Network Plug-in
Schaffner PNW2055  Pulse Network Plug-in
Voltech IEC  555 Impedance Network For PM6000

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