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Electrical Noise - Analyzers, Generators, Sources

Your search found 35 used / refurbished electrical noise sources & generators.

Product Name Description Select
Aeroflex PN9000  Phase Noise Test System
Agilent / HP 3048A  Phase Noise Measurement System
Agilent / HP 346C/K01  50GHz Noise Source
Agilent / HP 4470B  Transistor Noise Analyzer
Agilent / HP 8970B/020  2GHz Noise Meter
Agilent / HP 8971B  18GHz Noise Figure Test Set (Up Converte...
Agilent / HP E5501A  Phase Noise Measurement System
Agilent / HP N4000A  10MHz-18GHz Noise Source (ENR 6dB)
Agilent / HP N8972A  10MHz-1.5GHz Noise Figure Analyzer
Agilent / HP N8973A/1D5  3GHz Noise Figure Analyzer
Anritsu MG445A  Noise Generator
FiberPro PS-155-A  Polarization Scrambler, RS-232 Remote In...
ILX Lightwave LDX3620  Ultra Low Noise Current Source
JDSU TB9-226  Optical Grating Tuneable Filter
Keytek CEMaster  EMC Immunity Test System Includes: CM-C...
Noisecom NC1109A  Noise Source
Noisecom NC3201  10kHz-1GHz Coaxial Noise Source
Noisecom NC346A  18GHz Noise Source (ENR 6dB) 3.5mm (m)
Noisecom NC346B  18GHz Noise Source (ENR 15dB) 3.5mm (N)
Noisecom NC6105  10Hz-10MHz Noise Generator
Noisecom NC6107  $595 100Hz-100MHz Noise Generator
Noisecom NC6108  100Hz-500MHz Noise Generator
Noisecom NC6109  1GHz Noise Generator
Noisecom NC6110  100Hz-1.5GHz Noise Generator
Noisecom NC6112  1MHz To 2GHz Noise Generator
Noisecom NC7108  Programmable Noise Generator 100Hz - 500...
Noisecom NC7110  100Hz-1.5GHz Programmable Noise Generato...
Noisecom NC9663  100Hz-200MHz Programmable Noise Generato...
Noisecom PNG7110  10MHz-1.5GHz Precision Noise Generator
Noisecom UFX7108  100Hz-500MHz Programmable Noise Source
Noisecom UFX9728  $1,500 Programmable Noise Generator
Rohde Schwarz SKTU  Noise Generator
Rohde Schwarz SUF2  Noise Generator
TAS 4600A  Noise & Interference Emulator
Tektronix 7514  Precision Automatic Noise Figure Meter...

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