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Used Component Analyzers

Your search found 93 used / refurbished component analyzers.

Product Name Description Select
Advantest R8340  Ultra-high Resistance Meter
Advantest R8340A  Ultra-High Resistance Meter
Aeroflex TF1245A  Q Meter
Aeroflex TF2700  20Hz To 20KHz LCR Bridge
Agilent / HP 16048D  BNC Test Cable
Agilent / HP 16083A  Pulse Bias Noise Clipper
Agilent / HP 16093A  Binding Post Test Fixture
Agilent / HP 16314A  Balanced / Unbalanced 4 Terminal Convert...
Agilent / HP 16339A  Test Fixture For 4339A/B Resistance Mete...
Agilent / HP 16380A  Standard Air Capacitor Set
Agilent / HP 16380C  Capacitance Standard Set
Agilent / HP 16442A  Test Fixture
Agilent / HP 4140B  pA Meter + DC Voltage Source
Agilent / HP 4141B  DC Source/Monitor
Agilent / HP 41420A  Source/Monitor Unit
Agilent / HP 41423A  High Voltage Source / Monitor Module
Agilent / HP 4145A  Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4145B  Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4155A  Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4155B  Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4155C  Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4156A  Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4156B  Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4156C  Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4191A  $2,250 1000MHz Impedance Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4261A  1KHz Impedance Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4262A  10KHz Impedance Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4263B/001  100KHz LCR Meter
Agilent / HP 4275A  10MHz Multi-Frequency LCR Meter
Agilent / HP 4276A  20KHz Impedance Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4278A  $1,200 1KHz-1MHz Capacitance Meter
Agilent / HP 4279A  $1,950 1MHz C-V Meter
Agilent / HP 4280A  1MHz C Meter C-V Meter
Agilent / HP 42842A  Bias Current Test Fixture
Agilent / HP 4285A/001  30MHz Precision LCR Meter
Agilent / HP 4286  Impedance Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4288A  1kHz/1MHz Capacitance Meter
Agilent / HP 4291A  $6,000 1MHz-1.8GHz Impedance Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4291B  1MHz-1.8GHz Impedance Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4294A/42942A  110MHz Precision Impedance Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4328A  Milliohmeter
Agilent / HP 4329A  High Resistance Meter
Agilent / HP 4332A  LCR Meter
Agilent / HP 4339A  $2,750 High Resistance Meter
Agilent / HP 4349A  High Resistance Meter
Agilent / HP 4349B  $895 High Resistance Meter
Agilent / HP 4375A  Multi Frequency Meter
Agilent / HP 4815A  Vector Impedance Meter 500KHz-108MHz
Agilent / HP E5262A  2-Channel Source/Monitor Unit
Agilent / HP E5263A  2-Channel Source/Monitor Unit
Boonton 72B  Analog Capacitance Meter
Boonton 72C  Analog Capacitance Meter
Fluke PM6303A  Automatic RCL Meter
Fluke PM6306  1MHz Programmable RCL Component Tester
Huntron Tracker 2000B  Analog Signature Analyzer
Keithley 580  Micro-ohmeter
Keithley 595  Quasistatic C-V Meter
Philips PM6303  LCR Meter
Quadtech 7600CE  Precision LCR Meter 10Hz-2MHz
Schlumberger 1260  Impedance/Gain Phase Analyzer
Sencore LC75  Sencore LC75 Capacitor/Inductor Analyzer
Stanford Research SR720  100kHz LCR Meter
Sunrise STT-3802  1000Base-SX. 850 nm optics, multi-mode
Tektronix 176  High Current Test Fixture
Tektronix 370  Curve Tracer
Tektronix 370A  Curve Tracer
Tektronix 370B  Curve Tracer
Tektronix 371  Curve Tracer
Tektronix 371A  Curve Tracer
Tektronix 371B  Curve Tracer
Tektronix 372  Curve Tracer
Wayne Kerr 3220A  20A DC Bias unit
Wayne Kerr 3245  20Hz to 300kHz Inductance / LCR Analyzer
Wayne Kerr 3255/GPIB+3200  CARD+3220 BIAS UNIT 20Hz to 1MHz Inducta...
Wayne Kerr 3261A  Telecom Component Characterisation For...
Wayne Kerr 4210  10KHz LCR Meter
Wayne Kerr 42105  10KHz Impedance Analyzer
Wayne Kerr 4225  10KHz Impedance Analyzer
Wayne Kerr 4250  100KHz Impedance Analyzer
Wayne Kerr 4265  100KHz Impedance Analyzer
Wayne Kerr 4270  1MHz LCR Meter
Wayne Kerr 6425  20Hz-300KHz Component Analyzer
Wayne Kerr 6425B  300KHz Impedance Analyzer
Wayne Kerr 6430A  20Hz-500KHz Precision Component Analyzer
Wayne Kerr 6430B  20Hz-500kHz Precision Component Analyzer
Wayne Kerr 6440A  20Hz-3MHz Precision Component Analyzer
Wayne Kerr 6440B  20Hz-3MHz Precision Component Analyzer
Wayne Kerr 6520A  Precision Impedance Analyzer 1KHz-15MHz
Wayne Kerr 6530A  Precision LCR Meter 50MHz
Wayne Kerr 6540A  Precision Impedance Analyzer 1KHz-120MHz
Wayne Kerr 7010  1MHz Impedance Analyzer
Wayne Kerr ADU3210A  AC Drive Unit For 3245
Wayne Kerr PAU3211A  Power Amplifier Unit For 3245

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