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Anritsu Power Meters

Your search found 28 used / refurbished Anritsu power meters.

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Product Name Description Select
Anritsu MA24106A  50MHz To 6GHz USB Sensor -40 to +23dBm
Anritsu MA2411A  300MHz-40GHz Pulse Power Sensor, -20 To...
Anritsu MA2442A  18GHz Power Sensor (High Accuracy)
Anritsu MA2442B  18GHz Power Sensor -67 To +20dBm
Anritsu MA2444A  10MHz-40GHz Power Sensor
Anritsu MA2468B  18GHz Power Sensor
Anritsu MA2469D  10MHz-18GHz Fast Diode Sensor -60 To +20...
Anritsu MA2472D  18GHz Power Sensor -70 To +20dBm
Anritsu MA2473A  10MHz-32GHz Power Sensor
Anritsu MA2474A  40GHz Power Sensor -70 To +20dBm
Anritsu MA4701A  10MHz-18GHz Power Sensor
Anritsu MA4703A  50MHz-26.5GHz Power Sensor
Anritsu ML2407A  CDMA Power Meter, Single Input
Anritsu ML2408A  2 Channel RF Power Meter, CDMA Power Met...
Anritsu ML2419A  Power Meter, Range Calibrator
Anritsu ML2437A  Power Meter, Single Input
Anritsu ML2438A  2 Channel Power Meter
Anritsu ML2487A  Power Meter Single-Channel
Anritsu ML2488A  Power Meter Dual-Channel
Anritsu ML4803A  RF Power Meter
Anritsu ML83A  Microwave Power Meter
Anritsu ML83A/GPIB  Microwave Power Meter with GPIB
Anritsu ML910B/MA9305(X2)  Optical Power Meter
Anritsu ML93A  Optical Power Meter
Anritsu ML93B  Optical Power Meter
Anritsu MN9610A  Optical Power Meter
Anritsu MN9610B  Optical Power Meter
Anritsu PSN50  50MHz To 6GHz USB Sensor -30 To +20dBm

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