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Anritsu Network Analyzers

Paragon carries a selection of quality used Anritsu network analyzers including models from the popular 37000 Series of Vector Network Analyzers (VNA) and the Anritsu SiteMaster line.

All used Anritsu Network Analyzers are offered at discounts of 50-85% off of manufacturer list prices, are backed by a 30-day return policy, and come with one of Paragon's standard limited warranty programs.

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Product Name Description Select
Anritsu 3650  3.5mm Calibration Kit
Anritsu 3654B  V Connector Calibration Kit
Anritsu 36581KKF/1  Autocal Type K 10MHz-6GHz
Anritsu 36581KKF/2  Autocal Type K 10MHz-9GHz
Anritsu 36582KKF  Autocal Type K 40MHz-40GHz
Anritsu 3671S50-1  3.5 mm Flex Cable
Anritsu 37000D  Vector Network Analyzers, 40MHz to 110GH...
Anritsu 37147C  Vector Network Analyzer Direct-Access Re...
Anritsu 37169C  Vector Network Analyzer Direct-Access Re...
Anritsu 37211B  3GHz Network Analyzer
Anritsu 37225C  Vector Network Analyzer System, 40 MHz...
Anritsu 37247A  40MHz to 20GHz Vector Network Analyzer
Anritsu 37247B  20 GHz Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Anritsu 37247C  Vector Network Analyzer System, 40 MHz...
Anritsu 37247D  40MHz-20GHz Vector Network Analyzer
Anritsu 37269A  40MHz-40GHz Vector Network Analyzer
Anritsu 37269B  40 GHz Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Anritsu 37269C  Vector Network Analyzer System, 40 MHz...
Anritsu 37269D  40MHz-40GHz Vector Network Analyzer
Anritsu 37277C  Vector Network Analyzer System, 40 MHz...
Anritsu 37297C  Vector Network Analyzer System, 40 MHz...
Anritsu 37325C  Vector Network Analyzer System, 40 MHz...
Anritsu 37347A  Vector Network Analyzer 40MHz to 20GHz...
Anritsu 37347C  Vector Network Analyzer System, 40 MHz...
Anritsu 37347D  20GHz Vector Network Analyzer
Anritsu 37369A  40MHz-40GHz Vector Network Analyzer, Int...
Anritsu 37369C  40MHz to 40GHz Network Analyzer
Anritsu 37369D  40MHz-40GHz Vector Network Analyzer
Anritsu 37369D/2A/10A  40MHz - 40GHz Vector Network Analyzer
Anritsu 37377C  Vector Network Analyzer System, 40 MHz...
Anritsu 37397D  40MHz - 65GHz Vector Network Analyzer
Anritsu 42N50-30  50W 30dB 50ohm Attenuator
Anritsu 54147A  20GHz Scalar Measurement System
Anritsu 54154  2-32GHz Scalar Measurement System
Anritsu 54163  0.01-32GHz Scalar Measurement System
Anritsu 54169  0.01-40GHz Scalar Measurement System
Anritsu 56100A  10MHz-110GHz Scalar Network Analyzer
Anritsu MA2401A  10Hz To 30MHz 50 ohm Reflection Bridge
Anritsu MS2024A  2MHz to 4GHz Handheld VNA Master
Anritsu MS2026A  2MHz to 6GHz Handheld VNA Master
Anritsu MS2034A  2MHz to 4GHz Handheld VNA Master
Anritsu MS2036A  2MHz to 6GHz Handheld VNA Master
Anritsu MS3401B/01  10Hz-30MHz Network Analyzer
Anritsu MS420A  Network/Spectrum Analyzer (30MHz)
Anritsu MS420B  Network/Spectrum Ana (30MHz) 75 Ohm
Anritsu MS420J  Network/Spectrum Analyzer (30MHz)
Anritsu MS420K  Network/Spectrum Ana (30MHz) 50 Ohm
Anritsu MS4622A  3GHz T/R Vector Network Analyzer
Anritsu MS4622B  3GHz Vector Network Analyzer
Anritsu MS4623A  10MHz-6GHz Vector Network Analyzer
Anritsu MS4623B  10MHz-6GHz Vector Network Analyzer
Anritsu MS4624B  9GHz Vector Network Analyzer
Anritsu MS4624D  9GHz Vector Network Analyzer 4 Port
Anritsu MS4630B  10Hz-300MHz Network Analyzer
Anritsu MS620J  2GHz Network/Spectrum Analyzer
Anritsu S112  Site Master S112, 5-1.2GHz
Anritsu S113A  Site Master S113A, 5-1.2GHz
Anritsu S113B  Site Master S113B, 5-1.2GHz
Anritsu S113C  Site Master S113C, 2-1600 MHz
Anritsu S114B  Site Master S114B, 5-1.2GHz
Anritsu S251A  Site Master S251A, 2.5GHz Dual Port Scal...
Anritsu S251B  Site Master S251B, 2.5GHz Dual Port Scal...
Anritsu S251C10B  Site Master 251C, 2-Port Cable and Anten...
Anritsu S311D  Site Master S311D, Cable and Antenna Ana...
Anritsu S330  Site Master S330, Handheld Cable and Ant...
Anritsu S330A  Site Master S330A, Handheld Cable and An...
Anritsu S331  Site Master S331, Handheld Cable and Ant...
Anritsu S400A  Site Master S400A, Handheld Cable and An...
Anritsu S810C  Site Master S810C, Handheld Cable and An...
Anritsu S810D  $5,000 Site Master S810D, Broadband Cable & Ant...
Anritsu S820D  $9,995 Site Master S820D, 20GHz Scalar Network...

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