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Paragon carries a wide selection of quality used amplifiers from frequency ranges: DC to 40Ghz from many of the leading amplifier manufacturers including Agilent Technologies, Amplifier Research, ENI & Stanford Research.

All pre-owned amplifiers are offered at discounts of 50-85% off of manufacturer list prices, backed by a 30-day return policy and come with one of Paragon's standard limited warranty programs, including our Standard 1-Year Limited Warranty to domestic end-users.

 186 Used Amplifiers
Product Name Description Select
Advantest R14601  9KHz-1000MHz 25dB Pre-Amplifier
Aeroflex TF2167  50KHz-80MHz 10W RF Amplifier
Agilent / HP 11909A  9kHz To 1GHz Low Noise Amplifier
Agilent / HP 85905A  Pre-Amplifier
Signal Recovery 5113  DC To 1MHz Low Noise Pre-Amplifier
Agilent / HP 461A  Amplifier 1kHz to 150MHz
Agilent / HP 5087A  Distribution Amplifier
Agilent / HP 83006A  10MHz-26.5GHz 20dB Gain Amplifier
Agilent / HP 83017A  Microwave System Amplifier, 0.5 to 26.5...
Agilent / HP 83018A  2-26.5GHz 27dB 22dBm Microwave System Am...
Agilent / HP 83020A  2-26.5GHz 30dB 28dBm Microwave Amplifier
Agilent / HP 83050A  Microwave System Amplifier, 2 GHz to 50...
Agilent / HP 83051A  45MHz-50GHz Microwave Amplifier
Agilent / HP 8346A  26.5GHz to 40GHz Microwave Amplifier
Agilent / HP 8347A  RF Amplifier, 100 kHz to 3 GHz
Agilent / HP 8348A  Microwave Preamplifier, 2 to 26.5 GHz
Agilent / HP 8349A  20GHz 15dB 21dBm Amplifier
Agilent / HP 8349B  Microwave Amplifier, 2 to 20 GHz
Agilent / HP 8447A  0.1-400MHz 20dB 6dBm Pre-Amplifier
Agilent / HP 8447A/001  Dual-Channel 0.1- 400MHz Pre-Amplifier
Agilent / HP 8447D  Amplifier, 100 kHz to 1.3 GHz
Agilent / HP 8447E  1.3GHz Power Amplifier
Agilent / HP 8449A  Preamplifier
Agilent / HP 8449B  Microwave Preamplifier, 1 GHz to 26.5 GH...
Agilent / HP 87405A  Preamplifier, 10 MHz to 3 GHz
Agilent / HP 87405B  0.01-4GHz Pre-Amplifier 24dB Gain
Agilent / HP 87421A  Power Supply For Microwave Amplifier
Agilent / HP 87422A  Power Supply For Microwave Amplifier
Amplifier Research 100A100  100MHz 100W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 100A250  250MHz 100W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 100L  10KHz-220MHz 150W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 100LM9  1-200MHz 200W 53dB Gain Amplifier
Amplifier Research 100S1G4  0.8-4.2GHz 100W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 100W1000  100W 1GHz RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 100W1000B  100W 1GHz RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 100W1000M1  80-1000MHz 100W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 100W1000M7  100W 1GHz RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 10S1G4A  0.8-4.2GHz 13W RF amplifier
Amplifier Research 10S1G4AM1  0.8-4.2GHz 13W RF Amplifier (rear panel)
Amplifier Research 10W1000  1GHz 10W Amplifier
Amplifier Research 10W1000A  500kHz- 1GHz 10W Amplifier
Amplifier Research 10W1000B  1GHz 10W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 10W1000C  500kHz To 1GHz 10W Amplifier
Amplifier Research 10W1000M7  1MHz-1GHz 10W 40dB Amplifier
Amplifier Research 120S1G3  0.8-3GHz 120W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 150A100B  10KHz-100MHz 150W Power Amplifier
Amplifier Research 150A220  220MHz 200W Power Amplifier
Amplifier Research 150A400  100KHz-400MHz 150W Power Amplifier
Amplifier Research 150L  10KHz-220MHz 150W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 150W1000  80-1000MHz 150W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 15T4G18  4-18GHz 15W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 1S1G4  0.8-4.2GHz 1W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 1W1000  1GHz 1W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 1W1000A  100kHz To 1GHz 1W Amplifier
Amplifier Research 1W1000M4  1GHz 1W Amplifier
Amplifier Research 200L  1-200MHz 200W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 200W1000  200W 80-1000MHz RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 20T4G18  4-18GHz 20W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 250A250A  10KHz-250MHz 250W Power Amplifier
Amplifier Research 250L  10KHz-220MHz 250W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 25A100  10KHz-100MHz 25W Power Amplifier
Amplifier Research 25A250  25KHz-250MHz 25W Power Amplifier
Amplifier Research 25A250A  25KHz-250MHz 25W Power Amplifier
Amplifier Research 25S1G4A  0.8-4.2GHz 25W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 25W1000  1GHz 25W Amplifier
Amplifier Research 25W1000A  1MHz to 1GHz 25W Amplifier
Amplifier Research 25W1000B  1GHz 25W Amplifier
Amplifier Research 25W1000M7  25MHz-1GHz 25W Amplifier
Amplifier Research 30S1G3  0.8-3GHz 30W RF Amplifiier
Amplifier Research 30W1000  30W 1GHz RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 30W1000A  30W 25MHz to 1GHz RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 30W1000B  30W 1GHz RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 30W1000M7  25MHz-1GHz 30W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 40AD1  DC-1MHz 40W Amplifier
Amplifier Research 500HB  400-1000MHz 250W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 50A15  20KHz-15MHz Power Amplifier 50W
Amplifier Research 50A220  10KHz-220MHz 50W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 50W1000  1-1000MHz 50W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 50W1000A  50W 1GHz RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 50WD1000  DC-1GHz 50W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 5S1G4  0.8-4.2GHz 5W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 5SIG4  0.8GHz-4.2GHz 6.5W Amplifier
Amplifier Research 5W1000  500kHz to 1GHz 5W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 60S1G3  0.8-3GHz 60W RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 700A  700W, 10KHz-250KHz RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 75A220  10KHz-220MHz 75W Power Amplifier
Amplifier Research 75A250  10KHz-250MHz 75 Watts Amplifier
Amplifier Research 75A250A  10KHz-250MHz 75W Power Amplifier
Amplifier Research HBM2  0.4GHz-1GHz 100W RF Power Amplifier
Anritsu MH648A  100KHz-1.2GHz Pre-Amplifier
AWR Technology SA100  Scope Amplifier
Bruel Kjaer 2635  Charge Amplifier
Bruel Kjaer 2690  Nexus Single Channel Microphone Conditio...
Chase CPA9231  1GHz Pre-Amplifier
Compliance Design P950  RF Amplifier, 10MHz to 1000MHz, 16dB
Comtech AR4819-50  400MHz-1000MHz 50W Amplifier
Comtech AR85729-5  0.85-2GHz 5W RF Amplifier
Comtech AR88168-10  800MHz-1600MHz 10W
Comtech AR88258-50  2.5GHz 50 Watt Amplifier
Comtech AR8829-5  800MHz-2GHz 5W RF Amplifier

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