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Agilent / HP Multimeters

Your search found 101 used / refurbished Agilent / HP multimeters.

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Product Name Description Select
Agilent / HP 11570A  50 Ohm Accessory Kit
Agilent / HP 16034E  Test Fixture (SMD Components)
Agilent / HP 16034G  Test Fixture SMD Test Fixture
Agilent / HP 16047A  Test Fixture (Axial and Radial)
Agilent / HP 16047C  Test Fixture for Axial and Radial Lead...
Agilent / HP 16047D  Test Fixture (Axial/Radial)
Agilent / HP 16048A  Test Lead (BNC Connector, with BNC Conne...
Agilent / HP 16089B  Medium Kelvin Clip Lead
Agilent / HP 16089D  Alligator Clip Lead (4 Clips)
Agilent / HP 16092A  Spring Clip Fixture
Agilent / HP 16094A  Probe Test Fixture
Agilent / HP 16191A  Side Electrode SMD Test Fixture
Agilent / HP 16192A  Parallel Electrode SMD Test Fixture
Agilent / HP 16200B  External DC Bias Adapter
Agilent / HP 16334A  Test Fixture (Tweezers Contacts)
Agilent / HP 16338A  Test Lead Kit
Agilent / HP 3400A  10MHz TRUE RMS Voltmeter
Agilent / HP 3400B  20MHz TRUE RMS Voltmeter
Agilent / HP 3406A  1.2GHz RF Millivoltmeter
Agilent / HP 34102A  Low Thermal Input Cable
Agilent / HP 34118B  Test lead kit for Digital MultiMeters Co...
Agilent / HP 34300A  High voltage, low frequency probe. For...
Agilent / HP 3437A  3.5 Digit System Voltmeter
Agilent / HP 3438A  3.5 Digit Digital Multimeter, Autorange
Agilent / HP 34401A  Digital Multimeter, 6.5 digit. Max. inpu...
Agilent / HP 34405A  5.5 Digit Digital Multimeter
Agilent / HP 34410A  Digital Multimeter, 6 1/2 Digit High-Per...
Agilent / HP 34411A  Digital Multimeter, 6 1/2 Digit High-Per...
Agilent / HP 34420A  NanoVolt/Micro-Ohm Meter
Agilent / HP 3455A  6.5 Digit Digital Multimeter
Agilent / HP 3456A  6-1/2 Digit Digital Multimeter
Agilent / HP 3457A  6.5 Digit Digital Multimeter
Agilent / HP 3458A  $4,800 Digital Multimeter, 8.5 Digit, Measures...
Agilent / HP 3466A  4-1/2 Digit Digital Multimeter
Agilent / HP 3467A  Logging Digital Multimeter; 4-1/2 digit...
Agilent / HP 3468A  5-1/2 Digit Digital Multimeter with HP-I...
Agilent / HP 346A  18GHz Noise Source
Agilent / HP 346B  18GHz Noise Source
Agilent / HP 346C  26.5GHz Noise Source
Agilent / HP 34702A  MULTIMETER
Agilent / HP 3478A  5-1/2 Digit Digital Multimeter with HPIB...
Agilent / HP 37166D  Level and Digital Multimeter Card for us...
Agilent / HP 400F  AC VOLTMETER
Agilent / HP 400FL  AC Voltmeter
Agilent / HP 415E  SWR Meter
Agilent / HP 4192A  LF Impedance Analyzer, 5 Hz to 13 MHz
Agilent / HP 4193A  4193A Impedence Meter
Agilent / HP 41941A  Impedance Probe Kit
Agilent / HP 41941B  Impedance Probe Kit
Agilent / HP 4194A  Impedance/Gain-Phase Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4263A  LCR Meter
Agilent / HP 4263B  100 Hz to 100 kHz - LCR Meter
Agilent / HP 4274A  LCR Meter
Agilent / HP 4277A  LCZ Meter
Agilent / HP 42841A  Bias Current Source
Agilent / HP 42842B  Bias Current Test Fixture
Agilent / HP 4284A  Precision LCR Meter, 20 Hz to 1MHz
Agilent / HP 4284A/OPTS  Precision LCR Meter, 20 Hz to 1MHz w/ Op...
Agilent / HP 4285A  $5,250 LCR Meter
Agilent / HP 4286A  1MHz to 1GHz RF LCR Meter for impedance...
Agilent / HP 4287A  RF LCR Meter
Agilent / HP 428B  10A Clip-On DC Milliammeter
Agilent / HP 42941A  Impedance Probe Kit
Agilent / HP 42942A  Terminal Adapter, 40 Hz to 110 MHz
Agilent / HP 4294A  Impedance Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4338A  Milliohmmeter
Agilent / HP 4338B  Milliohmmeter
Agilent / HP 4339B  $4,300 High-Resistance Meter, DC
Agilent / HP 4342A  Q Meter
Agilent / HP 44491A  Armature Relay Multiplexer Assembly, plu...
Agilent / HP 44492A  Reed Relay Multiplexer Assembly plugs...
Agilent / HP 44493A  Screw terminal connector for HP 44491A...
Agilent / HP 44494A  Screw terminal connector for HP 44492A...
Agilent / HP 6181C  Precision Constant Current Source
Agilent / HP 70110A  Digital multimeter module Measures ohms...
Agilent / HP 70138A  Vector Voltmeter Plug-in
Agilent / HP 81536A  Optical power sensor module for 8153A Li...
Agilent / HP 8153A  LightWave Multimeter Mainframe
Agilent / HP 85081A  1GHz Input Module For 8508A
Agilent / HP 85081B  1GHz Input Module For 8508A
Agilent / HP 85082A  2GHz Input Module For 8508A (50 Ohm)
Agilent / HP 8508A/85081A  1GHz Vector Voltmeter C/W 85081A Input...
Agilent / HP 8508A/85081B  1GHz Vector Voltmeter C/W 85081B Input
Agilent / HP 8508A/85082A  2GHz Vector Voltmeter C/W 85082A Input
Agilent / HP 8970A  Noise Figure Meter
Agilent / HP 8970B  $650 Noise Figure Meter
Agilent / HP 8971C  Noise Figure Test Set
Agilent / HP 972A  3.5 Digit Multimeter
Agilent / HP E1326A  5 1/2 Digit Multimeter; High accuracy...
Agilent / HP E1326B  5.5 Digit Multimeter, B-Size & low noise...
Agilent / HP E1326E  5 1/2-Digit Multimeter; high accuracy...
Agilent / HP E1411A  5 1/2 Digit Multimeter; High accuracy...
Agilent / HP E1411B  5.5 Digit Multimeter Hi-Accuracy, C-Size...
Agilent / HP E1412A  6.5 Digit Hi-Accuracy Multimeter C-Size...
Agilent / HP E2308A  Thermistor Temperature Probe
Agilent / HP K532A  Frequency Meter
Agilent / HP N4001A  SNS Series Noise Source
Agilent / HP N4002A  10 MHz to 26.5 GHz, SNS Series Noise Sou...
Agilent / HP N8974A  10MHz to 6.7GHz Noise Figure Analyzer
Agilent / HP N8975A  26.5GHz Noise Figure Analyzer
Agilent / HP R347B  Millimeter-Wave Noise Source

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