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Agilent / HP Data Acquisition

Your search found 18 used / refurbished Agilent / HP data acquisition.

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Product Name Description Select
Agilent / HP 3488A  Switch/Control Unit
Agilent / HP 34901A  20 Channel Multiplexer Module
Agilent / HP 34902A  16 Channel Multiplexer (2/4-wire) Module
Agilent / HP 34903A  20 Channel Actuator/GP Switch Module
Agilent / HP 34905A  2 GHz Dual 1:4 RF Mux, 50 Ohm Module
Agilent / HP 34907A  Multifunction Module
Agilent / HP 34908A  40 Channel Single-Ended Multiplexer Modu...
Agilent / HP 34932A  Dual 4x16 Armature Matrix Module
Agilent / HP 34946A  $650 Dual 1x2 SPDT Terminated Microwave Switc...
Agilent / HP 34950A  64 Bit Digital I/O With Memory & Counter
Agilent / HP 34952A  Multifunction Module with 32-bit DIO, 2-...
Agilent / HP 34970A  Data Acquisition Mainframe
Agilent / HP 34980A  Multifunction Switch/Measure Mainframe
Agilent / HP 3499A  5 Slot Switch/Control Mainframe
Agilent / HP 3852A  Data Acquisiton/Control Unit
Agilent / HP 44470A  10 Channel Multiplexer Module
Agilent / HP 44476A  Microwave Multiplexer Module (Triple 1-t...
Agilent / HP 82357A  USB/GPIB Interface

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