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Agilent / HP Communication Test

Your search found 147 used / refurbished Agilent / HP communication test.

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Product Name Description Select
Agilent / HP 11807E  Radio Test Software
Agilent / HP 11896A  Polarization State Controller
Agilent / HP 1733A  4-Ports, 2 & 4Gb/s Fibre Channel Test Mo...
Agilent / HP 18135A  RS232C/V24 Pod HP4954
Agilent / HP 18174A  RS449/422A/423A Interface For 4952A
Agilent / HP 18177A  V35 Interface For HP 4952A
Agilent / HP 18179A  RS232C Interface Pod
Agilent / HP 18180A  RS449/442/232 Interface Pod
Agilent / HP 18260A  X21 And RS232/V24 Interface Pod
Agilent / HP 18281A  ISDN Interface For HP J2300/HP 4957A
Agilent / HP 18284A  ISDN Primary Rate Interface For HP 4957/...
Agilent / HP 18294A  X21 Interface For HP Protocol Analyzer
Agilent / HP 37717C  OmniBER 717C Communications Analyzer
Agilent / HP 37717C/OPTS  OmniBER 717C Communications Analyzer w/...
Agilent / HP 37718A  $600 OmniBER 718 - 155Mb/s Communication Anal...
Agilent / HP 37719A+OPTS  Omniber 719 Communications Analyzer with...
Agilent / HP 37719C  37719C OmniBER 719C Communications Perfo...
Agilent / HP 37743A  HP DS3 Test Set
Agilent / HP 4935A  Transmission Impairment Measurement Set
Agilent / HP 4951C  19.2 KBps Protocol Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4952A  64 KBps Protocol Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4954A  72KBps Wan Protocol Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4957A  64KBps Protocol Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4959B  2MBps PC Based Protocol Analyzer
Agilent / HP 4972A  Protocol Analyzers
Agilent / HP 4980A  Network Advisor (LAN) Ethernet & Token...
Agilent / HP 70842B  Error Detector Module 100MB/s to 3GB/s
Agilent / HP 81000FI  FC/PC/SPC Connector Interface
Agilent / HP 81000KI  SC/PC/APC Connector Interface
Agilent / HP 81000VI  ST Connector Interface
Agilent / HP 81521B  Germanium Optical Head
Agilent / HP 81533A  $500 Optical Head Interface Module
Agilent / HP 8158B  GPIB programmable optical attenuator for...
Agilent / HP 81600B  Tunable Laser Source Family
Agilent / HP 81618A  Optical Head Interface Module .The Agile...
Agilent / HP 81633A  Optical Power Sensor Module
Agilent / HP 81634B  Optical Power Sensor Module
Agilent / HP 8163A  Lightwave Multimeter System
Agilent / HP 8163B  Lightwave Multimeter
Agilent / HP 81640A  Tunable Laser Source
Agilent / HP 8164A  Lightwave Measurement System
Agilent / HP 8164B  Lightwave Measurement System
Agilent / HP 81682A  Tunable Laser Source
Agilent / HP 81689A  $2,000 81689A Compact Tunable Laser, Specially...
Agilent / HP 8168F  Tunable Laser Source
Agilent / HP 83203B  83203B CDMA Cellular Adapter
Agilent / HP 83205A  CDMA/CDPD Cellular Adapter
Agilent / HP 83206A  TDMA Cellular Adapter
Agilent / HP 83220E  DCS/PCS MS Test Set
Agilent / HP 83236B  PCS Interface
Agilent / HP 83410C  1300/1550nm Lightwave Receiver Module
Agilent / HP 83434A  $1,400 Lightwave Receiver
Agilent / HP 83438A  Erbium ASE Source
Agilent / HP 85038F  Standard Mechanical Calibration Kit, DC...
Agilent / HP 86120A  Multi-Wavelength Meter 700-1650nm, measu...
Agilent / HP 86120B  Multi-Wavelength Meter 700-1650nm, measu...
Agilent / HP 86120C  Multi-Wavelength Meter 700-1650nm, measu...
Agilent / HP 86122A  Multi-Wavelength Meter
Agilent / HP 86142B  Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Agilent / HP 86145A  Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Agilent / HP 86145B  Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Agilent / HP 86146B  Benchtop High Performance Optical Spectr...
Agilent / HP 8720E  Tunable Laser Source
Agilent / HP 8780A  Vector Signal Generator, 10 MHz to 3 GHz
Agilent / HP 8901A  Modulation Analyzer, 150 kHz to 1300 MHz
Agilent / HP 8901B  $900 Modulation Analyzer, 150 kHz to 1.3 GHz
Agilent / HP 8920B  RF Communications Test Set
Agilent / HP 8921A  Cell Site Test set 250kHz-1GHz. Audio ge...
Agilent / HP 8921A/600  Cell Site Test set 250kHz-1GHz. Audio ge...
Agilent / HP 8922S  GSM Mobile Station Test Set for Service
Agilent / HP 8924C  8924C CDMA Mobile Station Test Set with...
Agilent / HP 8924C/H14  8924C CDMA Mobile Station Test Set with...
Agilent / HP 89431A  2 MHz to 2.65 GHz Downconverter
Agilent / HP 89440A  Vector Signal Analyzer, DC to 1.8 GHz.
Agilent / HP 89441A  VSA with W-CDMA Capability, DC to 2.65...
Agilent / HP 89601A  Vector Signal Analysis Software
Agilent / HP 89641A  Vector Signal Analyzer
Agilent / HP 89650S  26.5GHz Vector Signal Analysis Bundle
Agilent / HP E1421B  $250 C-Size VXI Mainframe, 6-Slot
Agilent / HP E1616A  Series C 1.5/45 Mb/s DS1/DS3 VXI Line In...
Agilent / HP E1669B  SONET/SDH 1550nm optical I/F, TX/RX
Agilent / HP E1676B  Multi-Rate SDH/SONET Analyzer. A module...
Agilent / HP E1679A  SONET/SDH Timing Reference
Agilent / HP E1693A  E1693A ATM Generator Module for 75000 An...
Agilent / HP E1694A  ATM Receiver Module (155/622 Mb/s)
Agilent / HP E1852A  Bluetooth Test Set
Agilent / HP E1852B  Bluetooth Test Set
Agilent / HP E1968A  GSM/GPRS/EGPRS Mobile Test Application
Agilent / HP E1991B  Test Application Suite
Agilent / HP E4406A  VSA Transmitter Tester, 7 MHz to 4 GHz
Agilent / HP E5515B  8960 Series 10 Wireless Communications...
Agilent / HP E5515C  $500 E5515C (8960 Series 10) Wireless Communi...
Agilent / HP E6000A  Color Mini OTDR Mainframe
Agilent / HP E6000B  Color Mini OTDR Mainframe
Agilent / HP E6000C  Color Mini OTDR Mainframe
Agilent / HP E6003A  Singlemode OTDR Module
Agilent / HP E6005A  Multimode OTDR Module
Agilent / HP E6006A  Optical Power Meter Module
Agilent / HP E6008B  Singlemode OTDR Module
Agilent / HP E6012A  Singlemode OTDR Module
Agilent / HP E6380A  Base Station Test Set
Agilent / HP E6381A  TDMA Test Set
Agilent / HP E6560A  Wireless Test Manager
Agilent / HP E6569A  Wireless Test Manager Suite for use with...
Agilent / HP E6569B  Wireless Test Manager Suite
Agilent / HP E6601A  Wireless Communications Test Set
Agilent / HP E6701A  GPRS Lab Application
Agilent / HP E6701C  GSM/GPRS Lab Application for the E5515C
Agilent / HP E6702B  CDMA2000 Lab Application for the E5515C
Agilent / HP E6703B  W-CDMA lab application for the E5515
Agilent / HP E7315A  10 Gb/s Ethernet XENPAK XR Test Card
Agilent / HP E7315B  10 Gb/s Ethernet XENPAK XS Test Card
Agilent / HP E7317A  N2X 1-Port 10G UniPHY XR Test Card (1310...
Agilent / HP E7317B  N2X 1-Port 10G UniPHY XS Test Card (1310...
Agilent / HP E7909A  N2X 2-Port OC-48c POS/FR XR Test Card
Agilent / HP E8285A  CDMA/PCS Mobile Station Test Set
Agilent / HP J2294C  E1/ISDN SIM Balanced Interface Module Fo...
Agilent / HP J2300A  64kbps Protocol Analyzer
Agilent / HP J2301A  T1 Internet Advisor
Agilent / HP J2301B  T1 Internet Advisor
Agilent / HP J2302A  E1 Internet Advisor
Agilent / HP J2302B  E1 Internet Advisor
Agilent / HP J2306B  Ethernet Undercradle For J2301/J2302
Agilent / HP J2309A  Token Ring/Ethernet Undercradle For J230...
Agilent / HP J2309B  Token Ring/Ethernet Undercradle For J230...
Agilent / HP J2522B  Internet Advisor
Agilent / HP J2523A  Ethernet And Token Ring Analyzer
Agilent / HP J2523B  Ethernet And Token Ring Analyzer
Agilent / HP J2908A  DDS Interface For J2300C
Agilent / HP J2912A  OC-3c/STM1 155MB/s Interface Module
Agilent / HP J2913A  ATM 155 Utp Module For J2300 series
Agilent / HP J2913B  ATM 155 Utp Module For J2300c
Agilent / HP J3446C  10MBps LAN Ethernet Internet Advisor
Agilent / HP J3446E  Advisor Lan-10/100 Ethernet
Agilent / HP N2597A-030  Multimode Fiber Adaptor for Wirescope 35...
Agilent / HP N2597A-041  Singlemode Fiber Adaptor for Wirescope...
Agilent / HP N2610A  Framescope 350
Agilent / HP N4010A  Wireless Connectivity Test Set
Agilent / HP N4011A  MIMO Multi-Port Adaptor
Agilent / HP N5101A  Baseband Studio
Agilent / HP N5541A  N2X 4-Slot Chassis
Agilent / HP N5542A  N2X 4-Slot Chassis with BITS/MTS Clock...
Agilent / HP N5550A  4-Port 10/100 Ethernet XR-2 Test Card
Agilent / HP N5551A  4-Port 10/100/1000BASE-T and 1000BASE-X...
Agilent / HP N5552A  N2X 2-Port 10/100/1000 Electrical/Optica...
Agilent / HP WIRESCOPE-155  Cat 1-5E Cabling Certifier
Agilent / HP WIRESCOPE-350  $1,700 Color Category 6 Cable Scanner

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