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Acterna Telecom Analyzers

Your search found 77 used / refurbished Acterna telecom analyzers.

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Product Name Description Select
Acterna 107A  Hand-held T-Carrier Analyzer
Acterna 10G  STM64 SDH Analyzer/1310/1550nm
Acterna 147  Hand-held E1 Analyzer
Acterna 2207  DS-1 Test Set
Acterna 2209  DS1/DS3 Test Set
Acterna 2230  $195 Transmission Test Set
Acterna 2310  Communications Test Set
Acterna 2310-CASE  Transit Case
Acterna 2802  Gigabit Ethernet Test Set
Acterna 30678  DDS Interface
Acterna 307  DS3 Handheld Test Set
Acterna 30761  Siemens 3-Pin to Bantam Plug Cable
Acterna 310  Communications Analyzer
Acterna 310-1  DS-0/DS-1 Lid Option for 310
Acterna 310-P7S  OC-48 SONET Analyzer
Acterna 31812  E3 Module for FB6000
Acterna 40202  V.35/306 DTE/DCE Module for FB6000
Acterna 40204  Lab Interface for FB6000
Acterna 40460  DS1/T1/D4/ESF Data Interface for FB6000
Acterna 40540  DS1/T1/D4/ESF/SLC-96 for FB6000
Acterna 41084  Repeater Power Supply
Acterna 41131  DDS-Local Loop Interface for FB6000
Acterna 41131B  DDS Local Loop Interface for FB6000
Acterna 41400  $695 RS-449/MIL Data Interface for FB6000
Acterna 41440A  $75 T-1/Fractional T-1 Interface for FB6000
Acterna 41754  T1 Repeater Extender Card for T209OSP
Acterna 41800  CCITT 2.048M/Nx64 Module for FB6000
Acterna 41945  DS3 Interface for FB6000
Acterna 42219  HSSI Interface for FB6000
Acterna 42219A  HSSI Interface for FB6000
Acterna 42522  V.35/RS449/X.21 DCE-DTE Interface for FB...
Acterna 43440  $150 DS3/DS1 ATM Interface for FB6000
Acterna 6000+OPTS  Fireberd 6000 Communcations Analyzer wit...
Acterna 6000+OPTS1  Fireberd 6000 Communcations Analyzer wit...
Acterna 6000+OPTS2  Fireberd 6000 Communcations Analyzer wit...
Acterna 6000+OPTS3  Fireberd 6000 Communcations Analyzer wit...
Acterna 6000+OPTS4  Fireberd 6000 Communcations Analyzer wit...
Acterna 6000+OPTS5  Fireberd 6000 Communcations Analyzer wit...
Acterna 6000+OPTS6  Fireberd 6000 Communcations Analyzer wit...
Acterna 6000A  Fireberd 6000A Portable Communications...
Acterna 6000A+OPTS  Fireberd 6000A Portable Communications...
Acterna 6000A+OPTS1  Fireberd 6000A Portable Communications...
Acterna 6000A+OPTS2  Fireberd 6000A Portable Communications...
Acterna 6000A+OPTS3  Fireberd 6000A Portable Communications...
Acterna 6000A+OPTS4  Fireberd 6000A Portable Communications...
Acterna 6000A+OPTS5  Fireberd 6000A Portable Communications...
Acterna 6000A+OPTS6  Fireberd 6000A Portable Communications...
Acterna 6000A+OPTS7  Fireberd 6000A Portable Communications...
Acterna 6000A+OPTS8  Fireberd 6000A Portable Communications...
Acterna 6005  $175 IEEE-488 Interface for FB6000
Acterna 9316/90.19  LX Interface for DA-380
Acterna 9316/90.20  Multimode Interface for DA-380
Acterna ANT-10G  SONET/SDH Test Set
Acterna ANT-20E  Advanced Network Tester
Acterna ANT-20SE  SONET/SDH test set
Acterna ANT-5  ANT-5 SDH Access Tester, All interfaces...
Acterna CABLES-FO  Fiberoptic Cable Kit
Acterna CB-10615  Bantam to Bantam Cable
Acterna CB-40601  RJ-48C to Dual Bantam Cable
Acterna CB-41645  Dual Bantam to RJ-48 Cable
Acterna DA-380  DominoGB (Gigabit) Internetwork Analyzer
Acterna ONT-50  Optical Network Tester
Acterna PF-45  DS1 / DS3 Analyzer
Acterna PR-40A  Thermal Graphics Printer with Carrying...
Acterna PR-40B  Compact Printer
Acterna T-BERD-209A  DS1 Test Set
Acterna T-BERD-211  T-Carrier Analyzer w/Jitter Analysis
Acterna T-BERD-224  DS1 Test Set w/T1 BERT
Acterna T209OSP  Ruggedized T1/FT1 Test Set w/HDSL
Acterna T209OSP-9  ISDN/DDS Lid for 209OSP
Acterna TIMS-45  Replacement Cover for 6000A
Acterna TPI-82  DDS Test Set
Acterna TTC2207  Combined with DS1, DS3, ISDN and GSM fea...
Acterna TTC310+OPTS1  T-BERD TTC 310 Portable Communications...
Acterna TTC310+OPTS2  T-BERD TTC 310 Portable Communications...
Acterna TTC310+OPTS3  T-BERD TTC 310 Portable Communications...
Acterna TTC310+OPTS4  T-BERD TTC 310 Portable Communications...

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