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Rohde & Schwarz Spectrum Analyzers

Your search found 72 used / refurbished Rohde Schwarz spectrum analyzers.

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Product Name Description Select
Rohde Schwarz AMIQ02  I/Q Signal Modulation Generator
Rohde Schwarz AMIQ04/B2  I/Q Signal Modulation Generator
Rohde Schwarz ESH2-Z1  9KHz To 30MHz Current Probe
Rohde Schwarz ESH2-Z2  9KHz-30MHz Active Probe
Rohde Schwarz EZM  Spectrum Monitor
Rohde Schwarz FAM  120MHz Modulation Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FMA  Modulation Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FMA/B1/B2/B10  Modulation Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FMAB  1.36GHz Modulation Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FMAS  Selective Modulation Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FMAV  VOR/ILS Modulation Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FMB  Modulation Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FMS  Modulation Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FMU36  Baseband Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FS-Z60  40GHz To 60GHz Harmonic Mixer
Rohde Schwarz FS300  9KHz-3GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSA  100Hz-1.8GHz Spectrum Analyzer C/W Tgen
Rohde Schwarz FSEA20  9KHz to 3.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSEA30  20Hz-3.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSEB20  9KHz-7GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSEB30  20Hz to 7GHz Spectrum Analzyer
Rohde Schwarz FSEB30/B7/B15/B17  20Hz-7GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSEK30  20Hz to 40GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSEM20  26.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSEM30  $7,000 20Hz to 26.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSG8  9kHz To 8GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSH-Z1  10MHz-8GHz Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz FSH-Z2  VSWR Bridge And Power Divider 10MHz-3GHz
Rohde Schwarz FSH-Z30  Short-Open Calibration Standard
Rohde Schwarz FSH-Z31  Load Calibration Standard
Rohde Schwarz FSH-Z44  200MHz To 4GHz Directional Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz FSH18  Handheld Spectrum Analzyer, Frequency Ra...
Rohde Schwarz FSH3  Handheld Spectrum Analzyer, Frequency Ra...
Rohde Schwarz FSH3-TV  Handheld Spectrum Analzyer Plus TV Test...
Rohde Schwarz FSH3.03  Handheld Spectrum Analzyer, Model .03...
Rohde Schwarz FSH3.13  Handheld Spectrum Analzyer, Model .13...
Rohde Schwarz FSH3.23  Handheld Spectrum Analzyer, Model .23...
Rohde Schwarz FSH6  Handheld Spectrum Analzyer, Frequency Ra...
Rohde Schwarz FSH6.06  Handheld Spectrum Analzyer, Model .06...
Rohde Schwarz FSH6.26  Handheld Spectrum Analzyer, Model .26...
Rohde Schwarz FSL3  3GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSL6  100KHz-6GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSM3  3GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSM30  26.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSP13  13 GHz Spectrum Analyzer w/ option B4
Rohde Schwarz FSP13/K40  9kHz To 13.6GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSP3  9kHz to 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSP30  9kHz to 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSP40  Spectrum Analyzer, 9kHz-40GHz, Resolutio...
Rohde Schwarz FSP40/B4/B6/B9/B10/B15/B16/B28/B70  9KHz-30GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSP7  9kHz to 7GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSP7/B4  9kHz-7GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSP7/K5  9KHz-7GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSQ26  20Hz to 26.5GHz Signal Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSQ3  20Hz-3.6GHz Signal Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSQ40  40GHz Signal Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSQ8  20Hz-8GHz Signal Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSU26  20Hz to 26.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSU26/B10/K5/K73  20Hz To 26.5GHz High Performance Spectru...
Rohde Schwarz FSU3  20Hz to 3.6GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSU46  20Hz-46GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSU8  20Hz to 8GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz FSV13  9kHz To 13.6GHz Signal Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz H-15  Near-Field Probe Set
Rohde Schwarz UPA  Audio Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz UPA3  Audio Analyzer With Generator & Distorti...
Rohde Schwarz UPD  Audio Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz UPL  Audio Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz UPL06  DC-110KHz Audio Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz UPL16  Audio Analyzer
Rohde Schwarz UPL66  Audio Analyzer [without Keyboard & Displ...
Rohde Schwarz UPV  Audio Analyzer

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