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Rohde & Schwarz Power Meters

Your search found 42 used / refurbished Rohde Schwarz power meters.

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Product Name Description Select
Rohde Schwarz NAP  Power Meter
Rohde Schwarz NAP-Z4  Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz NAP-Z5  Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz NAP-Z8  Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz NAP02  Power Meter
Rohde Schwarz NAP04  Power Meter
Rohde Schwarz NAS  Directional Power Meter
Rohde Schwarz NAS-Z5  1GHz Insertion Unit
Rohde Schwarz NAS-Z6  1GHz Insertion Unit
Rohde Schwarz NAS-Z7  1GHz Insertion Unit
Rohde Schwarz NAUS4  25-1000MHz 110W Directional Power Meter
Rohde Schwarz NRP  Single Channel Power Meter
Rohde Schwarz NRP-Z11  10MHz-8GHz Sensor 200pW-200mW
Rohde Schwarz NRP-Z21  10MHz to 18GHz Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz NRP-Z4  Passive USB Adapter
Rohde Schwarz NRP-Z81  50MHz To 18GHz Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz NRT  $2,000 Power Reflection Meter
Rohde Schwarz NRT-Z43  400Mhz-4GHz 30W RF Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz NRT-Z44  200MHz-4GHz 0.003-120W Sensor
Rohde Schwarz NRT/B1  Power Reflection Meter
Rohde Schwarz NRV  100KHz-18GHz Dual-Channel Power Meter
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z1  Power Sensor (10MHz-18GHz)
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z15  Power Sensor (40MHz-40GHz)
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z2  Power Sensor (10MHz-18GHz)
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z3  Power Sensor (1MHz-2.5GHz)-75 Ohm
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z31  Peak Power Sensor 30MHz-6GHz -30 to +13d...
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z32  Power Sensor 30MHz-6GHz 100uW-2W
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z4  100KHz-6GHz 20mW Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z5  100KHz-6GHz 500mW Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z51  18GHz 100mW Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z52  DC-26.5GHz Thermal Power Sensor 100mW
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z53  Power Sensor 0-18GHz
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z54  DC-18GHz Thermal Power Sensor 30W
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z55  DC-40GHz Thermal Power Sensor 100mW
Rohde Schwarz NRV-Z6  50MHz-26.5GHz Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz NRVD  Dual-Channel Power Meter
Rohde Schwarz NRVS  NRVS RF Power Meter, Fast power, level...
Rohde Schwarz URV-35  RF Power Meter & Voltmeter
Rohde Schwarz URV5-Z1  0-400V DC Probe For URV5
Rohde Schwarz URV5-Z2  9KHz-3GHz 10V Insertion Unit 50 ohm
Rohde Schwarz URV5-Z4  75 Ohm 100KHz-3GHz Insertion Unit
Rohde Schwarz URY-Z2  100KHZ TO 2GHz, 10V INSERTION UNIT - 50...

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