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Kingsine Electric Automation

Paragon is the US Distributor of the entire line of new Kingsine Electric Automation products, including Protection Relay Test Sets, Standard Power Calibrators, and CT Analyzers.

Kingsine Protection Relay Test Sets are capable of testing most industry protection relays including: Voltage Relays, Current Relays, Frequency Relays, Power Relays, Impedance Relays, Harmonic Relays, Distance Relays and more!

Popular Kingsine Series Products:

K30 Series - Protection Relay Test Set

The K30 Series is a 2-in-1 Meter and Source Generator and more.

K60 Series - Protection Relay Test Set

The K60 Series has an exclusive 6*60 Amp large current capability.

K6 Series - Protection Relay Test Set

The K6 Series is an all-in-one design relay tester with 6.4 inches LCD display screen.

KS8 Series - Standard Power Calibrator

The KS8 Series is a 3-phase AC & DC power calibrator, adjustable for amplitude, phase, & frequency.

KT200 Series - CT Analyzer

The Kingsine KT-200 CT Analyzer has a modular design plug-in frame, and self-calibration built-in.

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