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Fluke Oscilloscopes & Scope Meters

Your search found 19 used / refurbished Fluke oscilloscopes.

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Product Name Description Select
Fluke 105B  2-Channel Handheld 100MHz Digitizing Sco...
Fluke 192B  2-Channel 60MHz Scopemeter
Fluke 196  2-Channel 100MHz Scope Meter
Fluke 196B  ScopeMeter Portable Oscilloscope 100MHz
Fluke 196B  2-Channel 100MHz Scope Meter
Fluke 196C  2-Channel 100MHz Scope Meter
Fluke 199  2-Channel 200MHz 2.5GS/S Digitizing Scop...
Fluke 199B  2-Channel 200MHz 2.5GS/S Digitizing Scop...
Fluke 199C  2-Channel 200MHz Color Scope Meter
Fluke 96B  2-Channel 60MHz 2.5GS/S Scopemeter
Fluke 99  2-Channel 50MHz Handheld Scope
Fluke 99B  2-Channel 100MHz Scopemeter
Fluke PM3092  2-Channel 200MHz Analog Scope
Fluke PM3094  4-Channel 200MHz Analog Scope
Fluke PM3380A  2-Channel 100MHz Combiscope
Fluke PM3380B  2-Channel 100MHz Combiscope
Fluke PM3384E  4-Channel 100MHz Combiscope
Fluke PM3390B  2-Channel 200MHz Combiscope
Fluke PM3394A  200MHz 200MS/s 4-Channel Combiscope

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