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Anritsu Attenuators

Your search found 17 used / refurbished Anritsu attenuators.

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Product Name Description Select
Anritsu 2000-767  Precision Open/Short/Load, DC to 4 GHz...
Anritsu 2000-768  Precision Open/Short/Load Calibration To...
Anritsu 42N50A-30  42N50A-30 Attenuator, 30 dB, 50 Ohmatt...
Anritsu 510-90-R  Adapter: 7/16(f) to N(m) 6.0 GHZ
Anritsu 510-93-R  Adapter DC to 7.5 GHz, 7/16 (m)-N(f), 50...
Anritsu 510-96-R  Adapter 7/16 DIN (m) to 7/16 DIN (m), 6...
Anritsu 510-97-R  Adapter 7/16 DIN (f) to 7/16 DIN (f), 6...
Anritsu 5400-71N50  RF Detector
Anritsu MA2472A  18 GHz Power Sensor
Anritsu MH95D  1300nm Optical Step Attenuator
Anritsu MN95B  Optical Attenuator
Anritsu MN9605A  Optical Attenuator
Anritsu MN9605C  Optical Attenuator
Anritsu OSLN50LF  Precision Open/Short/Load, DC
Anritsu SC7356  7/16 DIN Adapter Kit
Anritsu SM/PL  $175 Precision Load, DC to 4 GHz, 42 dB, N(m)...
Anritsu SM/STS  Sitemaster Standard Short

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