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Agilent / HP Optical Test

Your search found 44 used / refurbished Agilent / HP optical test.

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Product Name Description Select
Agilent / HP 1735A  2 Port Fiber Channel Test Module 1,2 &...
Agilent / HP 81401A  750nm-1700nm Optical Power Meter Module
Agilent / HP 8140A  Optical Loss Test Set + Power Meter
Agilent / HP 81412A  1300nm LED Module
Agilent / HP 8145A-002  1300nm OTDR
Agilent / HP 8145A-003  1550nm OTDR
Agilent / HP 8145A-023  1300 & 1550nm OTDR
Agilent / HP 81464MH  850/1300nm Multimode Plug-In For 8146A
Agilent / HP 8146A  OTDR Mainframe
Agilent / HP 8155A  1300nm Laser Light Source
Agilent / HP 81622B  High Power Ge Optical Head 27dBm
Agilent / HP 81624A  Ingas Optical Head 5mm Diameter
Agilent / HP 81624B  InGaAs Optical Head 5mm Diameter
Agilent / HP 81625A  High Power Optical Head
Agilent / HP 81625B  High Power Ingaas Optical Head 27dBm
Agilent / HP 81628B  High Power Optical Head 35dBm
Agilent / HP 81635A  Power Meter Module
Agilent / HP 81640B  1495-1640nm Tunable Laser Module For 816...
Agilent / HP 8167B  Laser Source
Agilent / HP 81689B  Tunable Laser Module
Agilent / HP 8168A  Tunable Laser Source
Agilent / HP 8168E  $4,000 Tunable Laser Source
Agilent / HP 83400A  300KHz-3GHz Source Module 1300nm
Agilent / HP 83403C  6GHz Single Mode 1550nm Source Module
Agilent / HP 83433A  10GB/s Lightwave Transmitter
Agilent / HP 83437A  BroadBand Light Source
Agilent / HP 83440B  DC To 6GHz Lightwave Converter
Agilent / HP 8504B  Precision Reflectometer
Agilent / HP 8509B  Lightwave Polarisation Analyzer
Agilent / HP 86060C  Optical Lightwave Mainframe with the fol...
Agilent / HP 8702B  Lightwave Component Analyzer
Agilent / HP 8702D  Lightwave Component Analyzer
Agilent / HP 8703A  1310nm/1550nm Lightwave Component Analyz...
Agilent / HP 8703B  Lightwave Component Analyzer
Agilent / HP E1662A  Optical Interface Module (155.622 Mb/s)
Agilent / HP E1671A  HP E1671A SONET/SDH Transport Overhead...
Agilent / HP E1672A  HP E1672A SONET/SDH Transport Overhead...
Agilent / HP E6000A/E6003A  1310/1550nm Single Mode Mini OTDR
Agilent / HP E6001A  1300nm Single Mode Plug-In For E6000 ser...
Agilent / HP E6003B  1310/1550nm SM Laser Module For E6000C
Agilent / HP E6005  850/1300nm Multi Mode Plug-In For E6000...
Agilent / HP E6008A  1310/1550nm Ultra High Performance Plug-...
Agilent / HP E6009A  850nm/1300nm Multimode Module
Agilent / HP J2127A  Field Transmission Test Set with options...

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