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Agilent / HP Multiplexers

Your search found 32 used / refurbished Agilent / HP multiplexers.

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Product Name Description Select
Agilent / HP 3235  Switch / Test Unit
Agilent / HP 3235A  Switch / Test Unit
Agilent / HP 33311B  SPDT DC-18GHz Coaxial Switch
Agilent / HP 34520A  6.5 Digit Multimer Module For 3235A Swit...
Agilent / HP 34521A  AC/DC Source Module
Agilent / HP 34921A  40-Channel Armature Multiplexer for 3498...
Agilent / HP 34921T  Terminal Block For 34921A
Agilent / HP 34925A  $400 40/80 Channel Optically Isolated FET Mul...
Agilent / HP 34925T  Terminal Block for 34925A
Agilent / HP 3499B  2 Slot Switch/Control Mainframe
Agilent / HP 3499C  40070 Slot Switch/Control Mainframe
Agilent / HP 44421A  20-Channel Relay Multiplexer (3497A)
Agilent / HP 44422X  Relay Multiplexor With Thermocouple Comp...
Agilent / HP 44470A-Connector  Multiplexer Module Edge Connector
Agilent / HP 44472A  VHF Switch
Agilent / HP 44473A  Matrix Switch Module
Agilent / HP 44475A  Breadboard Module
Agilent / HP 44476B  Microwave Relay Driver
Agilent / HP 44477A  Form C Relay Switch Module
Agilent / HP 44478A  Dual 1x4 RF Multiplexer Module
Agilent / HP 44708A  20 Channel Relay Multiplexer Module
Agilent / HP 44725A  16 Channel General Purpose Switch Module
Agilent / HP 59306A  Relay Actuator
Agilent / HP 85105A  Millimeter Wave Controller
Agilent / HP E1366A  Dual 1 x 4, 50 Ohm; RF Multiplexer
Agilent / HP N2260A  2-wire 40-channel Multiplexer Module
Agilent / HP N2261A  40-channel General Purpose Relay Module
Agilent / HP N2266A  2-wire 40-channel Multiplexer Module
Agilent / HP N2290A  Screw Terminal Block
Agilent / HP N2291A  Screw Terminal Block
Agilent / HP V85104A  50-75GHz Test Set Module (for 85105a)
Agilent / HP W85104A  75-100GHz Test Set Module (for 85105a)

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