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Advantest Network Analyzers

Your search found 23 used / refurbished Advantest network analyzers.

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Product Name Description Select
Advantest 9617A3  50 Ohm 18GHz N Type Calibration Kit
Advantest R3752AH  500MHz Network Analyzer
Advantest R3752BH  500MHz Network Analyzer
Advantest R3762A  50MHz-3.6GHz Network Analyzer
Advantest R3762AH  3.6GHz Network Analyzer
Advantest R3762B  300KHz-3.6GHz Network Analyzer
Advantest R3763B  300KHz-3.6GHz Network Analyzer
Advantest R3765A  40MHz-3.8GHz Network Analyzer
Advantest R3765AH  40MHz-3.8GHz Network Analyzer
Advantest R3765BH  40MHz-3.8GHz Network Analyzer
Advantest R3765C  40MHz-3.8GHz Network Analyzer
Advantest R3765CG  40MHz-3.8GHz Network Analyzer
Advantest R3765CH  40MHz-3.8GHz Network Analyzer
Advantest R3767AH  8GHz Vector Network Analyzer
Advantest R3767BH  40MHz-8GHz Network Analyzer
Advantest R3767CG  8GHz Vector Network Analyzer
Advantest R3767CH  40MHz-8GHz Network Analyzer
Advantest R3961A  5MHz-3GHz S-Parameter Test Set (50 Ohm)
Advantest R3961B  3.6GHz S-Parameter Test Set (50 Ohm)
Advantest R3962A  S-Parameter Test Set
Advantest R3965A  8GHz 3 Port Test Set
Advantest R4611  10Hz-300MHz Vector Network Analyzer
Advantest TR4623  Scalar Network Analyzer

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